March 19

Luke Bryan Shares the Secrets to His Successful 14-Year Marriage

Luke Bryan went all out with the secret of his 14-year-long marriage. His wife is Caroline Boyer. They wed in 2006 and bore two sons, Bo and Tate. And for starters, this may sound cliché but, one of their rules is to never go to bed mad.

Healthy communication is another ingredient to their successful marriage. You may have heard this tip from love and relationship experts. They say that open communication is the key to make a relationship work. This is true for the couple.

The country star shared how communication is critical for them. When they sometimes quarrel, the couple don’t sleep without resolving their problems. And they are dead serious with this rule.

Moreover, another secret is that they give each other space. They used this so-called space to do the things they’re passionate about. One of the reasons why some relationships failed is because they lose themselves in it. Luke and Caroline understand the consequences if they don’t do this. Giving each other space to grow is important for a relationship to grow too.

Their followers on social media know about their hilarious stories. Luke and Caroline add humor to their secret of a successful 14-year marriage.

Interestingly, the country crooner revealed that alcohol also plays a big part. Well, for him. He further said that marriage life never gets easier. Yet sharing it with the right person makes it all worth it. They also make sure they’re having a great time, whether they’re playing as parents or as themselves. Luke feels blessed that he had a successful career and a great marriage. Navigating through life is easy as they have each other on this journey.

Through the ups and downs, Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer have stayed strong to their marriage vows. They’re an ideal couple we can all look up to.


Caroline Boyer, Luke Bryan

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