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Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Boyer: From Ups and Down to Forever

Country singer-songwriter Luke Bryan and wife Caroline Boyer have had their fair share of ups and downs since they met in 1998. They even broke up once, but thankfully, fate had plans for them, and they ended up again in each other’s arms. And they made it work. The couple is now married for 14 years, going 15 this December, and they’re considered one of country music’s couple royalties.  

So here’s a quick look back at their two-decade worth of story from how the couple first met, how they got back together to their engagement and wedding to their life now with five kids. 

First Chapter: “It Only Took Eight Seconds.”

Luke and Caroline first met back in fall of 1998, at a little bar called Dingus Magee’s located in Statesboro, Georgia. They were both attending Southern Georgia University at the time; Luke was a senior while Caroline was a freshman. He spotted her at the bar one night, and he immediately knew that he had to talk to her. 

For Luke Bryan, it was love at first sight of Caroline’s blue eyes. And he knew that no matter what happened, he was going to make his way over to her. In fact, it only took him eight seconds to figure out that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. He had to drink a lot to find the courage to ease his way to her that night and still be charming. And he did. 

As for Caroline, she didn’t feel as strongly as Luke did the first time. It was just her first week in college, and Luke’s forwardness almost scared her off. In a podcast interview, she said that he had such a big personality, and she just stared at him, thinking if he was real. And she soon discovered that he was.

After that, the two started dating until Luke graduated and moved to Nashville to pursue a music career. In a confession with Get Real With Caroline Hobby, Caroline said that at the time, she and Luke weren’t on the same page. She also got freaked out as he was already talking about marriage. So as most college romance stories go, the two decided to call it quits.

Second Chapter: Getting Back Together

After the breakup, Caroline moved on and had two serious relationships, although those unfortunately didn’t work out for her. And then, after five and a half years, the two met again but this time, they had their feet firmer on the ground. 

As Caroline recalled, her brother and Luke still kept in touch. And when she visited him, he told her that Luke was scheduled to perform in a bar. So she went, and she saw him playing, and something felt different now that they were older. Sometimes, growing together also means growing apart, and that was kind of what happened to them. 

But during the break, Luke didn’t approach her, and she assumed he was avoiding her. She was surprised then at 3 in the morning when she received a call from him asking why she left. And after that, they started texting, and then she invited him to her family’s Christmas party. 

And the rest was history. 

Who is Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline Boyer?

Caroline Boyer was born on December 31, 1979 to parents Waymond and Yvonne Boyer in Georgia, USA. Her father was a social specialist, while her mother was an operator in an insurance agency. She also has a sibling named Bo Boyer. There are hardly any details about her childhood except that she attended Georgia Southern University with a degree in economics, although she later on dropped it. She also was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi sorority. 

While she received praise in acting and music, she decided against pursuing a career in entertainment. She went on to complete a master’s degree instead from a recognized university. 

Caroline is a very private individual, but she can occasionally be spotted posing on the red carpet of award shows with her now-husband Luke Bryan. After all, she inspired a lot of Luke Bryan songs like 2009 “Sorority Girl” and 2015 “To The Moon and Back.” She also featured in his 2013 music video “Crash My Party.”

As of 2021, aside from rumors rolling in that she is filming the Real Housewives’ franchise alongside Jana Kramer, there has been no details about her current job or what she does. But her net worth is estimated at $7 million. 

Third Chapter: “Yes, I Do.”

According to an interview, Luke revealed that he and Caroline had been talking about houses, and then he told her that he wanted to show her. After their dinner date, he blindfolded her and took her in front of the Nashville Parthenon. And when she took her blindfold off, she saw her down on one knee. 

Luke and Caroline exchanged vows in Turks & Caicos on December 8, 2006. Then they spent their honeymoon in the Colorado mountains. 

Fourth Chapter: Building Their Family 

Two years after they got married, the couple welcomed their firstborn together. Thomas ‘Bo’ Boyer Bryan was born on March 18, 2008. And then, he was followed by another baby boy, Tatum’ Tate’ Christopher, on August 11, 2010. The family loved to go fishing, hunting, and other adventure outings together, which they often show on their social media feed. 

But Luke’s family was struck by a tragedy when his older sister Kelly died unexpectedly in 2007. And then, 7 years later, in 2014, her husband (and Luke’s brother-in-law) also died, leaving behind their three children – Jordan, Kris, and Til – without parents. The couple did not hesitate for even a second and decided to take in their nieces and nephew, turning their small family of four into a fun and bigger family of seven.

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline Boyer will celebrate their 15 years of marriage this coming December. 


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