September 17

The Highwomen’s Debut Album Lands at No. 1 on Billboard Top Country Albums Chart

Arguably, The Highwomen has attracted a lot of attention, not only because these women revived a beloved classic supergroup, but also because of its members, Natalie Hemby, Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires all have had successful careers prior to the project.

The Highwomen, Album, Billboard
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The Highwomen’s Superb Album

The supergroup had hoped that their new album was going to be well-received by fans. But, they might have never imagined, nor expected, that their record would land at the top of the Billboard’s Country Album chart.

Morris shared the news on her Instagram account with the caption:

“Welp, I guess this is really for real, ladies. 4 voices in unison, no one over the other in the mix, no one further upstage or whose spotlight is brighter… EQUALS. And now we’re No. 1 in Country. [The Highwomen] text thread is lighting up today.”

The Highwomen, Album
via Cody O’Loughlin for The New York Times

She also got candid about their success in an interview with Billboard:

“We knew from the get-go with this band that we all have our own solo endeavors. They have families. We’ve said [that] none of us really needed this group, which is, I think, why it’s so special: none of us need the money or the fame. We all have our own things going on, so this was really four people that really believed in the songs that we were turning in for it, and the message behind it.”

The Highwomen, Album
via The Washington Post

The Highwomen’s debut single, “Redesigning Women,” is still climbing the charts at radio. Download or stream the album or single by visiting The Highwomen’s website.

In a separate interview, Carlile mentions that “anyone can be a Highwoman.”

“It’s about banding together, abandoning as much ego as humanly possible, holding one another up and amplifying other women every chance we get. Shoulder to shoulder. One push, one love.”


Amanda Shires, Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Natalie Hemby, The Highwomen

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