April 11

Diamond Rio Performs the Tongue-Twisting Song “Unbelievable”

In 1998, Diamond Rio delivered a tongue-twisting song known as “Unbelievable.” The infectious beat of the song will make you want to stomp your feet and dance to the rhythm of it. We really admire the lead singer, Marty Roe, who’s able to sing every word without being confused.

How my heart stumbled into
Someone so kissable, huggable,
Lovable, unbelievable

Diamond Rio Unbelievable
Photo Credit: Diamond Rio/ Official Website

“Unbelievable” Chart Performance

“Unbelievable” was penned by Jeffrey Steele and Al Anderson in 1998. When the band recorded it and released it as a single, it hit the number two spot on the Billboard chart. In addition, it also placed at number two on the pop chart. “Unbelievable” became the band’s first of four songs to enter the pop chart.

The Album’s Performance

Their song was part of their same-titled studio album that also secured a spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart. Aside from “Unbelievable,” they released two more singles from the album. “You’re Gone” reached number four and “I Know How the River Feels” placed at number thirty-three on the country chart.

George Jones to Diamond Rio

The songwriters said in an interview that the song was actually written for George Jones. However, he was not able to record the song. When the band heard of it, they cut the song, and it now became the most played song in the Artista Record that year. The songwriters were also glad that they received awards because of the band’s effort to make the song memorable.

It’s All About the Song

The narrator finds himself being in love with a woman he met. He was captivated by who she is that all he can say are good things.

She’s so kissable, huggable,
Lovable, unbelievable
She’s a mouthful of anything and
Everything a man could want
She ain’t typical

Drawn by the magic cast by the woman, he ended up spending all his money for her. He even purchased an expensive diamond ring.

All my money spent
I put a big down payment on that
Itty bitty diamond ring

However, none of that matters to him as long as he got her.

Well, we can’t blame him because he’s in love. When a person is in love, there’s nothing anyone can do to wake them up.

Here’s Diamond Rio’s tongue-twisting song “Unbelievable.”


Diamond Rio

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