January 11

Let’s Dance Together To Diamond Rio’s Super Catchy Tune “Unbelievable”

If you’re looking for a love song to vibe with, Diamond Rio’s “Unbelievable” would be the perfect pick if you’re looking for a love song to vibe with. It’s a super catchy tune you can dance to or simply have a good time with, guaranteed. 

The song was written by Jeffrey Steele and Al Anderson and released in October 1998 as the title track and second single of the band’s fifth studio album. The upbeat sound definitely hooked listeners, charting the song to Top 2 on the Hot Country Songs. 

It was the 21st of the multiple Diamond Rio songs on the country chart. Their lead single, a ballad titled “You’re Gone,” also performed well, grabbing the Top 5 position. But the song didn’t stop at the country charts; it also entered the Billboard Hot 100. It was their first entry on that chart, peaking at 35. 

Meaning Behind The Song

Diamond Rio was first founded in 1982, and it actually started off as an attraction for the now-defunct Opryland USA theme park located in Nashville, Tennessee. The founding members include Matt Davenport, Danny Gregg, and Ty Herndon, and over the initial years, the band underwent several member changes. 

When they recorded “Unbelievable,” the band consisted of six members: Marty Roe, Gene Johnson, Jimmy Olander, Brian Prout, Dan Truman, and Dana Williams. 

According to Billboard magazine’s Deborah Evans Price, the song lyrics were fun. It talked about an undisputably, undeniably beautiful girl who was “so kissable, huggable, lovable, unbelievable” and also “elegant, intelligent, heaven-sent.” That and the fact that he loved her so much he paid a big downpayment for her diamond ring. He would even start to stutter every time he tried to talk to her. 

The fun lyrics were paired with an upbeat, catchy tune that showcased the band’s musicianship and harmonized vocals that melted right into the ears. One fan even commented that, at one point, they did a subtle “fade in” that felt like a secret handshake between the band and a select few who paid enough attention to hear it. 

Of course, a major highlight was lead vocalist Marty Roe’s rapid-fire delivery of the chorus without missing a single syllable or beat. 

If you’re in for a good time, then you should definitely listen to Diamond Rio’s “Unbelievable.”


Diamond Rio

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