January 31

Reach for The Promised Land Through “The Old Cross Road” by Bill Monroe

In 1949, the father of Bluegrass music, Bill Monroe, released his solo version of the 1930s gospel hit song “The Old Cross Road.”

The song was initially released in 1937 by the Monroe Brothers. But after their disbandment in 1938, Bill Monroe continued his legacy of making good old country bluegrass music. 

Because of its catchy beat and soulful lyrics, the song captured several artists’ attention, making it one of the most covered gospel songs to this day. 

As of 2024, twenty-three covers had already been released by renowned artists like Stuart Mason, Charlie Daniels, and Wayne Lewis. 

After the Monroe Brothers disbanded, which consisted of Bill Monroe and his brother Charlie Monroe, Bill decided to release an updated version of the song as part of his album “All The Classic Releases 1937 – 1949.”

So, dive into the heartfelt lyrics and the timeless wisdom on one of Bill Monroe’s classics, “The Old Cross Roads.”

Meaning Behind the Song

“The Old Cross Road” is a song that generally talks about life. As our life is a journey of unknown destinations, we humans tend to face crossroads along the way – causing us to feel torn in choosing between two paths. 

The song is a symbolic representation of how we go on about our faith. Are we going to choose the right path that will lead us to the pearly gates of heaven? Or are we going to walk through the road of evil, which leads us to eternal punishment in hell?

Either way, the song reminds us that no matter our decisions, we can always ask for God’s intervention, as He knows better than all of us. But we also need to remember that being spiritually prepared is also important.

As it will help us in our journey to reflect on our sins, regret our bad decisions, and search for redemption. 

So, if you want to indulge your spirit with this timeless classic gospel song, “The Old Crossroad” by Bill Monroe, you can watch the video below. 


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