December 27

Show-Stopping: Eric Church’s “Stick That in Your Country Song” with a Johnny Cash Tribute

Country music singer and songwriter, Eric Church, once again delivered an explosive, jaw-dropping, and touching performance of “Stick That in Your Country Song,” alongside another country music legend, Johnny Cash.

In the 2020 55th ACM Awards, one of Eric Church’s songs, “Stick That in Your Country Song,” received praise from fans worldwide. The track talks about social issues that most people in the country experience, and you seldom hear singers and songwriters write about those kinds of themes. Social issues like underprivileged individuals, underpaid employees, substance abuse, and the struggles of a man returning from war are the themes found in the song.

Church’s Performance

Eric Church opens up the first part of his performance of “Stick That in Your Country Song” with Johnny Cash in the background screen.

Flashed in the background along with a waving old, flag, Cash performs his spoken-word song “Ragged Old Flag” with Chruch strumming a few strings. Not only do flags appear in the background, but pictures of Cash are also presented. 

After a minute of Cash’s appearance, Church proceeds to sing his heart out and give his best in an all-out performance of “Stick That in Your Country Song.” Church’s vocal prowess was on point; he nailed the whole song along with his amazing backup singer, who brought the performance to another level. Everyone, including the band and the backup singer, were showered with praise and awe. 

Eric Church found a perfect match in Johnny Cash to be part of his “Stick That in Your Country Song” performance not only to entertain the fans and viewers but also to remind us that everyone should have a chance at success and stability and life. Through their songs, we are able to become open-minded and aware of the issues and struggles that our fellowmen face.

Check out the amazing performance right here.


Eric church, Johnny Cash

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