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Fifteen of the Best Eric Church Songs Listeners Would Definitely Love!

Eric Church, one of the most recognizable country performers in the world today, released his first album, “Sinner Like Me,” in 2006. It contains several chart-topping Eric Church Songs, which made his early career really notable. 

Eric Church, like many other known country superstars, began singing when he was young. He began songwriting at the age of 13, which shaped his present mastery in the field.

Many people know him for his hardcore country music style, which he performs with his cool guitar. While attending Appalachian State University, he established the Mountain Boys, a band that performed around western North Carolina. He then traveled to Nashville to seek a career in country music after finishing with a degree in marketing.

And along his career, he was able to be honored with large recognition accolades like being nominated for the Grammys and winning a CMA. 

That is why there is no doubt that Eric Church songs are masterpieces since they propelled him to the top. So, if you want to know which of his songs are the greatest, scroll down and find a song that you might want to add to your own personal playlist.

1. Creepin

‘Creepin’ is a song about a man who is pursued by his and his lover’s precious memories together. Aside from that, the song is incredibly catchy, with a rhythmic foundation that adds more profound complexity by layering and texturing the rhythms with varied tones and instruments. This gives it an epic, dynamic, living nature. That might be why it peaked at number five in the U.S. Billboard Country Airplay.

2. Hell of a View

There is no doubt why people loved this song since it is merely meant to be a love song for rebels, which most of us are, when madly in love. “Hell of a View” is a romantic look at a less-traveled romance and the “reckless” lifestyle that made it possible.

3. Talladega

The song is about a road trip with several friends to the Talladega Superspeedway in an old Winnebago. Aside from being just a road trip, the song focused more on the emotional bond between friends and family with which many individuals may connect with.

4. Lightning

The song is about a clearly repentant guy who is ready to be condemned for murder. In his final moments, he asks Jesus for forgiveness while accepting his current fate.

5. Give Me Back My Hometown

The song is about remembering when life was nice, but just like any other good thing, everything must come to an end. The boy in the song wants it back and would do anything to get it back from the female who stole it.

6. Two Pink Lines

The song is based on Church’s real-life experience of waiting for the results of a pregnancy test when he was a teenager. In an interview, he stated that this song is more personal to him than most people realize.

7. Guys Like Me

It’s a telenovela-style song about an affluent high-class girl falling in love with a middle-class boy. Which made the lad wonder how such a high-up girl could fall in love with someone like him.

8. Record Year

It’s a song for the broken-hearted. Unlike others, the boy in the song found comfort and peace in his record player rather than expressing all his grief and pain in another girl after the breakup. The breakup has allowed the boy to rekindle his love affair with his stored stack of vinyl, and instead of sitting and making his life miserable in a house that feels like a jail, he instead is “having a record year.”

9. Through My Ray-Bans

It is a song written by Church as a dedication and thank you to his supporters. It honors the friendship and enthusiasm Eric Church observes among his fans when playing onstage. 

10. Smoke A Little Smoke

Eric Church has created another piece of relaxing and upbeat music. Aside from that, it has a deeper connotation of seeking comfort and being unbothered by real-world problems through the consumption of alcohol and getting stoned.

11. Love Your Love the Most

“Love Your Love the Most” is a song about a guy who lists several of his favorite things. But in the end, all he wants is for his sweetheart to know that he loves her the most above all things in the world.

12. Some of It

It’s a song about life lessons that may be learned through time. Sometimes you have to learn it the hard way. But, in the end, it is something on which we may reflect after many years. And because the song is highly relatable to many since all of us have done something in the past that was able to teach us something, the song peaked at number one in US Country Airplay (Billboard).

13. Mr. Misunderstood

It’s about how when you’re young, you feel left out, unimportant, or just misunderstood. But when you become older, everything changes. After all, change is the only constant thing in the world. 

14. Drink in My Hand

The song is part of his ‘Chief’ album. The song became Church’s first no 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in the United States. It’s about consuming alcohol to forget your problems, claiming that all you need to do is put a glass in hand and everything will be okay.

15. Springsteen

This song has become a part of many people’s lives. For others, it’s a song about sadness, loss, or even love. The song portrays so many emotions that listeners would just listen to it, and the music would somehow know what they were truly feeling inside.

Eric Church is, without a doubt, one of the best in the industry. Throughout his career, he has created amazing songs that many country fans enjoyed. If you’re stuck for tunes to listen to today, then here are some of our suggestions. You wouldn’t be sorry if you chose any of Eric Church songs from the list above.


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