February 4

Alan Jackson’s Heavenly Sings “O How I Love Jesus”

The award-winning and best-selling music artist of all time, Alan Jackson, has released multiple hit songs such as “Chattahoochee” and “Livin’ on Love” throughout his career. However, one of the sweetest and most heartfelt of them all is probably the gospel song “O How I Love Jesus.”

You can never go wrong with a gospel song, they say. That might be why this song is such a hit to many that even to this day, churches still use it as their worship hymn, making it one of Alan Jackson’s greatest songs. “O How I Love Jesus” was released in 2013 as part of Alan Jackson’s Precious Memories Volume II album

With the complementary piano sound and the melancholy voice of Alan Jackson, this song is perfect for listening to if you’re feeling weary and tired. Each note of the song is hit with such diction and emotion; as the piano music sways like the ocean, so is Alan Jackson’s voice. That’s why just listening to the song’s performance itself is already a heavenly experience. 

But, to add up. The song is about how the narrator loves Jesus more than anyone could imagine. Just hearing Jesus’s name, he will start to sing its worth. Jesus has been our savior, and it is nice to see songs released that acknowledge that fact.  

Jesus gave his life to save us and paid the price for our sins. He overcomes them as a result of his compassion for his people. And it is good that we laud him and his name in return. He deserves praise for our prayers, and we should be grateful. Let’s refrain from criticizing him as well. Instead, let’s keep his name in mind. Let’s share the love he has given us.

If you want to check out Alan Jackson singing the song “O How I Love Jesus,” you can check out the music video below.


Alan Jackson

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