March 4

Alan Jackson’s “Livin’ On Love” Summarizes What True Love Is

Among the thousands of music genres, country music proves to be powerful without caving in trends. Listen to Alan Jackson’s ‘Livin’ On Love’ and you’ll hear a modern country classic. It is a sweet and charming song that represents Jackson’s trademark in traditional country music.

Part of his 1994 Who I Am album, ‘Livin On Love’ has a catchy melody and a real love story. Jackson summarizes a couple’s lifetime together. The first verses picture a couple living with each other and how in love they are. As the song progresses, the couple welcomes their senior year and enjoys their empty nest together.

It is no wonder that the song, which Jackson wrote, was his ninth Number One hit on the Billboard country charts. Moreover, it also reached number one on the Bubbling Under Hot 100. It has a mix of sentimental yet smooth lyrics.

Interestingly, the country superstar also has younger fans, even at the young age of 19. Fans complimented how Jackson’s songs take them back to the fun days and are willing to keep the old-school vibes. ‘Livin’ On Love,’ one of Alan Jackson’s songs even made a fan’s life center on love and kept the song close to his heart.

The long and tall Georgian started his career in 1989 at the Nashville music scene. Since then, Jackson always has a hit song every year and sold millions of albums worldwide. He stayed true to the traditional country songs, which made him a household name.

Alan Jackson‘s ‘Livin’ On Love’ was performed by the only country legend himself at a “drive-in” concert last 2020. He performed it in large-scale car sideshows in North America, where the concert-goer danced and waved American flags as he sang.

Learn what true love is and view ‘Livin’ On Love’ below:


Alan Jackson

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