June 3

Brad Paisley at the Age of 9 Sings “Life’s Railway to Heaven”

What were you doing at the age of 9? I’m betting that you were playing and not singing old gospel hymns such as “Life’s Railway to Heaven.”

Yes, at the age of 9, Brad Paisley already knew what he wanted in life. At a young age, it is so commendable that he knew his passion for music and now, he is one of the most successful country singers.

brad paisley, railway to heaven
via Brad Paisley’s official Facebook page

Knowing “Life’s Railway to Heaven”

There were some controversies about the originality of the song. Many believe that it was originally written by Eliza R. Snow. When it was revised and some words were added, Snow’s contribution was unfortunately omitted.

Going back to Brad Paisley’s version, he fell in love with the song at an early age. When he was making his 2011 album, “This is Country Music,” he knew he had to add the very first song he performed at the age of 9. It felt like a tribute to his childhood memories, and that’s what started his passion for music. Furthermore, it was his love for gospel tune and his strong connection to his faith that made the record special to him.

brad paisley, railway to heaven
via Screengrab from Youtube

Lyrics Breakdown

The gospel tune is your usual song of praise. The lyrics and melody got to me, and it was as if I was at a church listening to the angelic tune. What struck me the most is the first part of the song.

Watch for the curves and hills and valleys
Never falter never fail
Keep your hands upon the throttle
And your eye upon the trail

brad paisley, railway to heaven
Photo Credits: Brad Paisley/Official Facebook Home Page

We all know where we would be when we die. The song talks about going to heaven and reuniting with the Lord as the end goal of life, but the journey towards heaven is not that easy. We will be faced with a lot of distractions. We will be tempted by the devil, and we might lose track of what is ahead.

The song “Life’s Railway to Heaven” wants us to focus on our journey so that we could end up in His kingdom.

Listen to the inspiring song here:


Brad Paisley

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