April 21

“Tennessee Whiskey” Dad Kris Jones Makes Daughter Proud, Fluid Cover Goes Viral

Chris Stapleton has introduced the sound of Country music to a new breed of listeners since the great leap of his career in 2015. With the help of social networking sites, thousands of people tried to make a cover of Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey. But none has yet to match the popularity of Kris Jones’ viral cover.

Kris Jones wasn’t expecting any of this fame and attention. But thanks to her then 15-year-old daughter who filmed him singing “Tennessee Whiskey” behind the wheels.

Dad Became a Viral Sensation, Thanks to His Daughter

Early in his life, Jones didn’t have the best life a person could wish for. Jones landed in jail where spent the next six years of his life. After realizing that he wanted to change, Kris Jones decided to prove to himself that he could still be successful once he gets out.

Singing has always been Kris Jones’s avenue to have peace of mind. In one of his interviews, he said that he used to sing while in prison. He then married his childhood sweetheart and they had two daughters. This led up to his viral video in 2017 shot in a Home Depot parking lot.

Jones and daughter Dayla were having a music jam inside the car. Dayla was at the passenger seat recording her dad’s smooth as honey singing. Jones’s soulful voice escalated as the song went on. In the clip, you can see the delight and pride in his daughter’s face. She’s definitely his biggest fan.

As the popularity of the video increases, this caught the attention of big names in the industry including, Ellen DeGeneres. Amused by Kris Jones’ viral cover, DeGeneres invited him and his daughter. He rendered a live performance in the show. Jones then revealed that he had hoped for so long to have a music career but it was never granted.

A Family Man with a Dream

Kris Jones said that the main reason he did not pursue a career in the music industry was the fact that he had kids and they needed braces. He also revealed that he had auditioned in two of the greatest singing competitions for aspiring artists, The Voice and The American Idol. Unfortunately, he did not make the cut.

“The Voice came to Dallas. I tried out for The Voice. I remember being out there…thousands of people with all of these beautiful voices around me,” Kris recalled. “I was one of the last groups that went in. It was crazy because I walked in there…I opened my mouth and about seven words came out, and they were like ‘Nope.’”

But following the fame of his viral video, things started to turn around for Kris Jones. The Voice sent him an invitation for an audition and was on his way to join season 13. Jones, however, turned it down due to some family responsibilities. This didn’t hurt Jones as he gained over 500,000 followers on Facebook, signed a record deal, and released his self-titled EP.

To date, Kris Jones’ viral cover has been watched for over 70 million times. This made him one of the biggest viral stars today.

Kris Jones EP

After his viral cover of Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey,Kris Jones’ self-titled EP followed. Bringing along his name as the “Tennessee Whiskey” Dad, Kris Jones debuted his four original singles namely, “You Rescued Me,” “Big Black Truck,” “Mean Like Fire,” and “I’m Breathing.” Jones also included his famous “Tennessee Whiskey” cover.

Jones’s musical influences were George Jones, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. Jones’ smooth soulful voice brought him the career he had long hoped for. 


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