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Did You Know Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer Broke Up Once? Here’s How They Reconnected

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer have been married for more than fourteen years, and their relationship is now going stronger more than ever.

But while the couple may have the most picture-perfect love story, it wasn’t actually all smooth sailing for Luke and Caroline. Did you know the college sweethearts broke up at some point in their relationship and were apart for more than five years?

It was during Luke Bryan‘s senior days at Georgia Southern University when he first saw the then-freshman Caroline Boyer at a small bar in Georgia. And it was love at first sight for the country singer! But despite how smooth you may think Luke is, the singer revealed that he had to drink a lot before he could talk to Caroline. Luckily, he managed to be somewhat charming, made his move, and began their blossoming relationship. 

However, when Luke was about to graduate – after dating a year and a half – the couple decided to end their relationship. Luke then headed to Nashville to pursue his dream in country music, while Caroline remained in University to finish her degree.

According to Caroline, the big reason why their relationship did not work out the first time was simply because they were no longer on the same page. Caroline remembered freaking out because Luke would often talk about marriage that she decided to end their college romance. 

But all hope was not lost as fate brought Luke and Caroline together again after five and a half years of being apart. 

One fateful night, the couple ended up in the same town at the same time – in Statesboro, Georgia. Luke was at the town for a gig while Caroline was visiting her brother, who told her that Luke was scheduled to perform. 

Caroline decided to watch him play. However, when Luke took a break and went on ignoring her, Caroline thought the singer was avoiding her and decided to go home. But Luke is no longer letting go of the woman of her dreams! He called Caroline’s brother at three in the morning and asked him why she had left. Since then, the two started emailing and texting each other. 

Caroline then invited Luke to come to her family’s Christmas party, and the rest was history! The happy couple finally tied the knot in December 2006 and have been together ever since. 

In 2020, Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer celebrated fourteen years of marriage. Luke Bryan’s wife shared on her instagram a series of six sweet and funny photos with Luke. “Marriage….being with the one person you get to annoy for the rest of your life,” she wrote in the caption.


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