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Lee Brice’s “One of Them Girls” is a Toast to Women Empowerment


Following his 2019 number 1 hit single, “Rumors” and his hit collaboration with Carly Pearce, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” Lee Brice is back on top of the charts with his newest single, “One of Them Girls.”

For the Smart & Strong Woman

We all have that strong and tough woman that we know in our lives right? She might be one of your family members or one of your role models. Though at times, due to the roots of prejudices, there will always be criticisms of how these types of women are overpowering men, we still have that deep desire to know at least one in our lives.

Lee Brice’s newest single “One of Them Girls” was a song tribute to the strong, kind, and smart woman that we all deeply want to have at the end of the day. Featuring a tough and caring firefighter mom, the music video of Brice’s newest single shows you what the song really meant.

Starting off with the scene centered on a woman who is struggling to live her life but never misses the joy of having to spend time with her daughter. As the scenes progress, it led to the climactic end scene showing how she saves an older man trapped inside an upside-down fire-filled car and escorted him to the paramedics who led him into an ambulance.

The song came into life following Lee Brice’s reflective session with his wife and three daughters on Father’s Day in 2019. After giving a deep thought of the song, Brice called co-writers Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, and Ben Johnson to have a session with them at 2 o’clock in the morning. After spending some time writing, the next morning Brice was in the studio applying the tune to the song.

Quality Over Quantity

Over the years, Brice has not been into a conversation of some of the biggest awards in the industry, but his career has faced a steady climb through the years. Out of his 11 singles, 8 has become a number one hit and this speaks for the motto that Brice has been holding on through his entire career, ‘Quality over Quantity.’

Brice has also just released 3 studio albums, but he has made a solid fan base worldwide with the style of music that he has presented. Brice’s biggest feat so far is breaking a 62 years old record of the longest-running single on the country chart with “Love Like Crazy.”