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Shania Twain Composed a ‘Mountain’ of Songs While in Isolation


Due to the extra downtime, most of our country artists today have their situation could be a make or break scenario for their career. With tours canceled due to the pandemic, the time usually spent on their travels are now back into our artists’ hands, and it’s their business whether to use it to laze around doing nothing or use the time to improve their music, write songs, and mitigate the feeling of isolation through their craft.

Now if we speak Shania Twain’s professional language, it’s inevitable that she would pick the latter. She would even add in a hint of extra effort because mediocrity is not in her vocabulary.

Building the Mountain

As she had to scrap her plans for her 2020 Let’s Go! Las Vegas, Shania Twain got back from her frustration by writing a mountain of songs enough to make up three separate albums! There’s no exaggeration there as her songwriting journey began from the tipping moment of the quarantine, seven months from today.

Twain described her lockdown journey as the silver lining of her career. She had new music and she’s more than ready to roll once it is over.

During her online appearance, she said that this unpredictable year of 2020 has become her personal beacon and her bright spot; free from external pressures, and free from limited time and fatigue. She shared that she just kept on writing until she felt good and felt really productive.

But still, Twain also said that just like other artists, she hoped that things would get back on track as early as possible as she would love to continue her tour to Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater and get her Las Vegas residency done. But due to the fact that experts aren’t able to determine when the pandemic will be subdued, Shania Twain and her team will just have to create a patterned outline on when they would be able to start performing once again.

Positives in the Negative

In her interviews, Twain chose not to reveal yet to the public what type of music she’s created in isolation. She could be planning to surprise us all with a roster of songs never seen in her career ever before.

But aside from her pending Zappos Vegas tour, and her ability to compose a mountainful of songs, 2020 also acts as the 25th anniversary for her 1995 breakthrough album ‘Woman In Me’ and it comes with a special edition box set of the said project.

For the diehard Shania Twain fans, mark your calendars as 2020 might’ve been the milestone year your favorite artist has waiting for.