February 18

Chris Stapleton and Fender Team Up for an Amplifier

The ’62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition amplifier was released by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation was unveiled on the 13th of February this year.  On a Facebook post, Fender had shared about how the amplifier became the singer’s favorite:

After years of looking for the right amp, Chris Stapleton came across a ’62 Princeton in a guitar shop. Listen to his story about how his continued search for these amps led to the Chris Stapleton Signature ’62 Princeton. Watch Chris tell the full story here:

The country superstar admits that Stapleton may not be the most technical guitar players, but he does have this unique and nurtured sound all on his own. He gives credit on his unmistakable sound to his Fender Jazzmaster, and a vintage 62 Fender amplifier he carefully lugs around him.

Chris Stapleton, Fender, Princeton
via Chris Stapleton’s Official Facebook Page

Chris Stapleton’s Signature

The ’62 Princeton is a favorite of the country crooner. In  fact, he bought one on Craigslist that was more than a little tweaked by the previous owner. It was stuffed with a 12-inch speaker, replacing the 10-inch amplifier that normally comes with it. So, of course Stapleton’s ’62 Princeton supports a 12-inch speaker.

Chris Stapleton, Fender
via Fender

The amplifier is available in the market, but this will also become one of his staple gear both in studio sessions and on tour. The partnership actually blossomed when Stapleton reached out to Fender to get a replacement amplifier to his old one. He said to Rolling Stone that he did had some difficulty looking for a new one without compromising his sound.

“Previous to this, I’ve had to scour the earth and find ones that were functioning enough to make them usable. They’re pretty sturdy instruments, but you know, there’s always a transformer that’s going to go out. It’s kind of a crapshoot.”

Currently, Stapleton is gearing up for his “All American Roadshow.” And previously, he sang Dolly Parton’s famous “9 to 5” at the MusiCares tribute to Dolly Parton during Grammy Week. Needless to say, the country superstar is super busy!


chris stapleton

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