March 27

Kenny Rogers’ Jackass Is Still One Of The Best Sketches in MadTV

Kenny Rogers’ Jackass was one of MADtv’s very best sketch offerings.

The one-hour show was Fox Broadcasting Company’s effort at the sketch comedy game. It was first broadcasted to audiences in October 1995 and soon grew into the network’s staple for more than a decade – entertaining audiences and launching careers.

Meanwhile, Kenny Rogers’ Jackass sketches give birth to the pairing of the top-rated series of the time – Jackass – with Will Sasso’s comical portrayal of Kenny Rogers. Surprisingly, these two go well together as you will be entertained by how Rogers’ horrible ideas get twisted into charming stunts.

“Hi, I’m Kenny Rogers,” was his famous catchphrase that fades into the title screen with the American Flag behind. 

One scene shows Kenny Rogers (Sasso) demonstrating the “Police brutality trick,” wherein he grabbed the officers’ gun only to end up shooting himself in the foot while trying to run. The scene wrapped up with Rogers being beaten down. 

There’s also Kenny Rogers (Sasso) trying out different self-defense items like pepper spray, electric cattle prodder, nunchucks, a sword, and a baseball bat he has thrown away. But the craziest scene came when he rode the off-road toy downhill that made him pathetically roll off.

Kenny Rogers (Sasso) has been in several MADtv skits. This includes the Duets of a Lifetime skit where he appeared to be with the impersonators of singers Nat King Cole, Cher, Bjork, and Marilyn Manson.

In a couple of skits, Kenny Rogers (Sasso) also appeared to be the owner of his namesake Kenny’s Ice Cream Parlor. He has also been traveling around the country with his own “Kenny’s Testicular Examination” shop, which performs the prostate exam. 

Clearly, Kenny Rogers’ Jackass has brought so much laughter back in the days. It has also showcased how capable Sasso is when it comes to holding the bulk of a sketch on his shoulders.


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