July 31

Dolly Parton is Eager to Release Her 2020 Christmas Album

2020 has indeed been a long year with several cases of disasters and the rise of the infamous COVID-19 pandemic. This makes an achievement to say that “I went through that all”.

In just a few months, Christmas is soon to be anticipated, and nothing else couldn’t be more rewarding than temporarily dropping all our problems and singing along to our all-time favorite Christmas jingles. The even better news is, this roster of songs will have more welcome additions as Dolly Parton sets to release her 2020 Christmas album in December.

Parton is a Huge Fan of Christmas

It’s already a no-brainer that Dolly Parton has been a huge fan of Christmas. Way back in 1983, she released her first Christmas album, ‘Kenny and Dolly’. In 1984, she released ‘Once Upon a Christmas’. In 1990 and 1999 she released ‘Home for Christmas’ and ‘Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ consecutively, and in 2001 and 2015, she released ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ and ‘Country’.

Sneak Peeks on Parton’s Upcoming Album

The album name hasn’t been revealed yet but we know who would be Dolly Parton’s creative director, Steve Summers who revealed their Christmas plans in an interview with Linda Perry.

He’s been working with Parton for more than 30 years and the proponent behind her signature and iconic looks. He was in charge of designing clothes, deciding on album covers, arranging the stage sets for concerts, and everything under the sun that includes visual preparations. He met Dolly Parton in Dollywood 1991 when he was working there as a performer.

While Steve enclosed all details in confidentiality to keep Parton’s Christmas album surprise, he was nice enough to disclose that they are already working on the album cover shoots.

Setbacks and Repurposing of the Album

Loyal Dolly Parton fans know that this album had already taken a few setbacks when its initial release on 2017, which includes a winter tour, has been cancelled due to the release of ‘I Believe in You,’ a fundraiser for Imagination Library. In 2018, it was pushed back again to pave way for Dolly Dumplin’ film and soundtrack release.

Dolly Parton has been eager to release this album into the world not only because of the major setbacks, but she plans to release it with an insightful thought. Industry insiders claim that concert tours may not return until 2021 due to the pandemic, hence, the Christmas album must be released this year as an added source of joy to the community especially to Dolly Patron’s loyal fans.


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