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George Canyon Preserves the Beauty of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”

Everyone knows Johnny Cash‘s “Ring of Fire.” They enjoy the rhythm, the timeless beauty of the song, and of course, the way Cash delivered it. It’s no wonder why after Cash’s version has been released, you can find hundreds of covers. There are a lot of renditions of this song. Some people cover it in a different way, by turning it into another genre or adding a twist of their own. We can all agree that no one can beat Cash’s version but we can at least enjoy other artists’ talent.

Johnny Cash Ring of Fire George Canyon

George Canyon’s Sexy Rendition of “Ring of Fire”

In 2007, Canadian country singer, George Canyon, released his version of “Ring of Fire.” His classic cover was almost similar to the original version but we can still enjoy the unique artistry of Canyon. His rendition was never released as a single from his Classics album. It was only included on the album together with his other covers of classic country music.

Canyon said in an interview that the covers from his album are close to the original versions because he wanted to keep the magic of this songs.

” It was important for me to keep the arrangements true to the original in the hope that when people listen to this it recreates the magic I experienced when hearing these songs on the radio the first time round.”

Johnny Cash’s Rendition

The original version of the song was recorded by Anita Carter in 1963. This was the version Cash heard that sparked an interest in him to cover the song. Cash even had a dream about this song. Only the arrangement of the song was different. When Carter’s rendition didn’t sell well in public, Cash decided to turn his dream into reality. His version became a massive hit. It reached number one on the US Billboard country chart, and it also entered charts outside of the US.

“Ring of Fire” was penned by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore.


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