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November 5, 2019


November 5, 2019


November 5, 2019

Easton Corbin brings us one of the popular country ballad songs “I Can’t Love You Back.”

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Can you imagine the pain felt by someone who knows that his/her beloved doesn’t love them back? As we get older, we learn that loving someone requires sacrifice and a lot of understanding. What I mean here is that when it comes to love, you should not only depend on the affection given by your partner but you also need to stand on your own.

There was a friend of mine who told me that if you love someone never expect him/her to love you back because loving someone doesn’t require any conditions at all. You should not only hold on to the promises he made but also for the actions and sacrifices which proves how much they love you. In line with this is the song “I Can’t Love You Back.”

“I Can’t Love You Back”

It is a country ballad song penned by Carson Chamberlain, Jeff Hyde, and Clint Daniels and a song produced by Carson Chamberlain. American country artist, Easton Corbin recorded this track and it was released in November 2010 as a single from his self-titled album.

Upon the release of the song, “I Can’t Love You Back” entered into country charts and peaked number 76 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“I Can’t Love You Back” is a universal message of loss. Corbin said something about the song, he said,

“When I heard the melody, I thought, ‘that’s a hit.’ The song can mean different things for different people. She could have died, she could have left him—people can interpret it the way they feel.”

When he was asked about what he felt upon recording this song, he answered:

“I’ve always loved sad songs,” the singer explained. “For me, that’s what Country music is all about. I didn’t make it a point to make this a different direction. This song just happened to be. It’s the only ballad on the record, and I love the song.”

Listen to Easton Corbin’s Soundtrack here:


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