Some of us think that we know the secret to a happy and successful marriage. But, we need to understand that tying the knot comes with a price. Further, this is a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman who is bound by love. Moreover, being together is living in harmony, tolerance, and support. That is not easy to maintain. But, I guess that if the couple really loves each other, this will just be an easy part for them. Also, most people want to know the secret of a successful marriage, but in reality, there is no secret nor a perfect formula. In fact, there is only one rule, that is, to fall in love with the same person every day while cherishing that special feeling. Furthermore, it’s just a matter of loving the person regardless of the imperfections they have.

I hope that kind of love will find its way to you. But for now, let’s enjoy this classic hit from Alan Jackson, “Livin On Love.”

Country Music Hall of Famer

He is one of the biggest names in Country Music, and he was able to sell over 80 million records. With his success in the industry, this artist pushed 35 number one hits on the charts. Anyhow, with his lavish success, he received two Grammy Awards, 16 Country Music Awards, and 17 Academy of Country Music Awards. Due to his contribution, he was also included in numerous Hall of Fames. I’m talking about Alan Jackson, the man behind the hits “Here In The Real World” and “I’d Love You All Over Again.”

Photo Credits: Alan Jackson/Official Facebook Home Page

This love month, let’s go ahead and feature one of the best hits from Alan Jackson, which is “Livin’ On Love.” This hit was released in 1994, and it became a massive success dominating the charts. This hit talks about happily growing old with your lifetime partner.