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10 Country Songs About Fire If You Feel The Burning Desire To Say Something


Through the years, country songs about fire have been among the most popular ones in the genre – whether it’s about a burning desire to say something, representing a plethora of emotions, or literal fires burning things to the ground.

With that in mind, here are ten country ballads that use the word fire to create meaningful pieces of music.

1. “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

“Ring of Fire” was written by June Carter, who would eventually become Cash’s wife. The iconic song was inspired by her love for the country crooner wherein the song’s narrator sings how he’s deeply in love that his passion “burns, burns, burns.”

2. “The Fireman” by George Strait

Strait definitely knows how to crank up the heat, and he proves that in “The Fireman,” which is absolutely one of the most steamy songs in country music history. The sexy ballad has no shortage of risqué messages as he boldly confesses to putting out the fire – which is, by the way, hot and bothered women!

3. “Setting the World on Fire” by Kenny Chesney

Teaming up with pop superstar P!nk, the song follows the story of two people who were once madly in love with one another. And the sound is dazzling with their voices together.

4. “Kerosene” by Miranda Lambert

Songs with fire in the lyrics are indeed scorching hot – and Lambert’s classic revenge song “Kerosene” is no exemption. Wearing her range of emotions on her sleeve, Lambert set fire to her former lover’s belongings in the aftermath of a terrible breakup. 

5. “Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks

Brooks gave an incredible reminder in “Standing Outside the Fire” – and that’s to take chances. After all, you’ll never know what you’re going to achieve if you’re going to play safe and not take risks.

6. “Heart On Fire” by Eric Church

Church finds himself thinking about the past in this sentimental song, when life was still filled with youth and the desire to spend every day like it’s the last.

7. “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen

Now, here’s another steamy song wherein Springsteen finds himself feeling like he’s on fire when he suddenly awakes with night sweats, yearning for the woman he likes.

8. “(There’s A) Fire In The Night” by Alabama

“(There’s A) Fire In The Night” is a raunchy track that tells the story of a lonely man who spent a romantic night with a woman he met – and the flame of desire keeps growing higher through the night.

9. “I’m on Fire” by Rascal Flatts

Our favorite chart-topping trio took burning desire to an entirely new level that they’re warning you to “better sound the alarm, ’cause this whole place is going up.”

10. “Old Flame” by Alabama

Released as Alabama’s debut single four decades ago, “Old Flame” shines a light on the pain and sorrow of loving someone who’s unfortunately in love with somebody else.

Some More Country Songs About Fire, Representing A Range Of Emotions

Here are some more songs with fire in the title, showcasing how the word “fire” is the most flexible among the elements.

  • “Fire’t Up” by Brantley Gilbert
  • “Into The Fire” by Bruce Springsteen
  • “On Fire Tonight” by Little Big Town
  • “Playing With Fire” by Thomas Rhett
  • “Sippin’ On Fire” by Florida Georgia Line
  • “Streets Of Fire” by Bruce Springsteen
  • “Burning House” by Cam
  • “Midnight Fire” by Steve Wariner
  • “Picture to Burn” by Taylor Swift
  • “Feel That Fire” by Dierks Bentley

Indeed, these fire songs keep things fiery. Which ones are your favorites?