February 13

Alabama’s “Old Flame” Teaches Us A Lesson About Love and Relationship

Falling in love is such a beautiful feeling. It uplifts one’s spirit and makes you go crazy in a good way. However, what if you fall in love with someone who still has a feeling for their old lover? What will you do then? Will you let go of that person or continue to love them, despite knowing you can’t measure up to the love they felt for their ex?

Alabama "Old Flame"
Photo Credit: Alabama/ Official Facebook Page

The Song “Old Flame”

Alabama presents us with a song of a man who is in a relationship with a woman still in love with her past lover. As painful as it is, he could see the look in her eyes. The look of how much she still feels for her ex-lover. She may lie to him and tell him that she’s not into her ex anymore, but he knows the truth.

There’s an old flame burning in your eyes

That tears can’t drown and make-up can’t disguise

Now that old flame might not be stronger

But it’s been burning longer

Than any spark I might have started in your eyes

How sad is it to be in the same situation as the man in the song, right? Have you ever been in that state? Or were you the one still in love with your ex but rushed into a new relationship?

It is never a good idea to rush into any relationship when you still have feelings for another person. This is not only to save trouble for the other person but also for yourself. Instead of being with someone else to forget about the past, perhaps it’s better to take some time to heal the past and focus on yourself.

How Alabama Recorded the Song

“Old Flame” is a country song penned by Mac McAnally and Donny Lowery in 1980. They wrote the song together after playing Frisbee. The song was given to Alabama accidentally. After the performance of Alabama in Muscle Shoals, the band asked Lowery if he has any song for them. It happens that with him was a cassette demo of the song “Old Flame.” He gave it to them to listen to, and after a few days, they recorded the song.

Chart Performance of the Song

“Old Flame” is listed as one of the tracks in Alabama’s album Feels So Right. The song placed at number one on the Billboard Country chart. Furthermore, it has reached the top of the Canadian Country chart too.



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