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March 11, 2019


March 11, 2019


March 11, 2019

Hank Williams Sr. gave us a beautiful gospel song that we can reflect on in our life. The words to “A Home in Heaven” was penned by Williams Sr. in 1951. It took almost six years for the record to be released.

hank williams audrey williams a home in heaven
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The Message of “A Home in Heaven”

“A Home in Heaven” is a reminder for us to build a relationship with God while we are still here on earth. When we draw ourselves closer to God and listen to Him, we are slowly preparing ourselves for His coming. Our willingness to know God means a home in heaven is being prepared for us. This is what Williams Sr. is trying to tell us in his beautiful song.

Are you building a Home in Heaven
To live in when this life is over
Will you move to that beautiful city
And live with Christ evermore

Therefore, always remember to not only think of your life here on earth. Instead, we must also think about where we want to be after our life here on earth. Let us spend our days getting to know God, and being kind to one another. All these good things lead to a beautiful place in heaven where we can call our home.

Around me many are building
Homes of beauty and wealth
But what of a home in Heaven
Where will you live after death

Why Release After Six Years?

Why did it take that long for the record to be released? The song was recorded by Williams Sr. and he was backed up by his wife, Audrey Williams and the Drifting Cowboy Band. Most people say that the recording was not that pleasant because Audrey was a terrible singer, making the song inappropriate to be released in public. However, after Williams’ death, the record label wanted to release more songs from him. Fred Rose, Williams’ producer, refused to do such a thing. However, he eventually gave the record label the permission to release the song in 1956.

Here’s a solo version of Hank Williams Sr.

Hank Williams and Audrey Williams’ Version.


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