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Cody Jinks’ “Hippies and Cowboys” Shows He’s Not Your Ordinary Country Rebel

Cody Jinks' "Hippies and Cowboys"

Out of all his incredible tracks, Cody Jinks’ “Hippies and Cowboys” absolutely takes the cake. While most mainstream country songs are heading in a turbulent direction, we’re lucky enough to have an artist such as Jinks who cares more about creating great music rather than the trends or popularity.

Written by the singer himself, “Hippies and Cowboys” is about going after a path, even though most people would not understand or agree with it.

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“Raising hell with the hippies and the cowboys. They don’t care about no trends. They don’t care about songs that sell,” the song goes, which clearly tells Jinks’ journey as an artist.

Ever since he began his career as the frontman of the Fort Worth-based thrash metal outfit Unchecked Aggression and eventually coming back to his country roots, Cody Jinks has always felt the burden and pressure of not fitting in the industry.

Hippies and Cowboys are two differing countercultures and usually aren’t found in one country song together. This paradox reflects Jinks’ presence within two distinctly different musical genres.

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But don’t mistake Jinks for being some devious genre-hopper attempting to crash the Americana party. Born in Haltom City, Texas, Jinks actually grew up on country music and learned to play country guitar with the help of his father. Eventually, he found metal, started falling in love with Metallica and made a revolution. 

It was then he earned his true genre credentials, proving himself to be a reliable artist throughout the country. He has released quite a few albums with no worry for what the mainstream will think of him as long as he shows how much he cares for music. Still, many people connect with the art he makes.

You can listen to “Hippies and Cowboys” by Cody Jinks in the video below, where he proves that he’s always somewhat been a lone wolf — and he couldn’t be prouder.