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Cody Jinks Songs That Helped Him Build His Empire Independently

Even though most of Cody Jinks songs were originally released independently, they surely went straight to the heart of country fans. 

A native of Haltom City, Texas, Jinks was only sixteen when he began playing country music riffs on the guitar with the help of his father. Soon enough, he started a heavy metal band where he spent the early part of his career as the lead singer of the Fort Worth-based thrash metal outfit called Unchecked Aggression.

However, by the mid-2000s, Jinks returned to his country roots and reintroduced himself as a honky tonk balladeer. Starting with Less Wise in 2010, the talented singer issued a few independent releases and toured heavily with his backing band, the Tone Deaf Hippies.

Finally, in 2015, Jinks earned his first spot in the chart, thanks to Adobe Sessions which peaked at No. 2 Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, helping the Texas native get into the wider mainstream. Since then, Jinks emerged as one of the most popular stars – most especially in outlaw country – and has released nine critically acclaimed albums. 

Let’s take a look at some of Cody Jinks‘ greatest hits so far.

1. “She’s All Mine”

From: I’m Not The Devil (2016)

While Jinks has been impressing ladies left and right, there’s one woman who is a little more challenging to please – and that’s his wife. 

Jinks revealed that he struggled to write a love song that his wife liked until coming out with “She’s All Mine,” a straight-up, old-school kind of country song.

2. “Hippies and Cowboys”

From: Less Wise (2010) 

While there has always been a tension between hippies and rednecks – Jinks, on the other hand, directed his fury at the Nashville music scene as well as the news media music reviewers. And for such a task, he instead united hippies and the cowboys

This is actually Jinks’ ode to the way he’s approached his work and how he expects his fans do too.

3. “Mamma Song”

From: Adobe Sessions (2015)

We definitely all have a “sweet girl at home” who keeps food on the table and keeps us warm every night – our mother. Jinks lauds the women who brought us into the world in “Mama’s Song,” singing her praises for raising him well. 

4. “Loud and Heavy”

From: Adobe Sessions (2015)

Jinks’ first true hit, “Loud and Heavy,” was actually inspired by his two-year-old son. The little kid wanted to go see a real tractor at a Tractor Supply Company. However, when it began to rain, Jinks told his son, “there’s a lot of loud thunder and heavy rain out there.” Later on, his son kept repeating “loud thunder heavy rain,” – which Jinks put into a song.

5. “Must Be the Whiskey”

From: Lifers (2018)

Written by singer-songwriter Josh Morningstar with Jinks in mind, “Must Be the Whiskey” sings about the qualms and consequences of drinking rather than its glorification. In the song, Jinks tenderly tells a man’s story of how substance abuse has ruined his relationship.

6. “William and Wanda”

From: After the Fire (2019)

Jinks got the help of his wife to write a song that celebrates “sixty years love story told by two people building their own” – his grandparents. The singer said he knew he had to write a song about how his grandmother probably fussed at his grandfather for “being late to heaven.”

7. “David”

From: Adobe Sessions (2015)

In “David,” Jinks introduced you to a friend who was a little of an outcast like himself but was an incredible kid. The singer will then take you on a journey of what it was like growing up in his small town.

The song definitely showcased Jinks’ ability to make you feel your emotions and picture the lyrics in your heads like a movie.

8. “We Get By”

From: 30 (2012)

He may have strayed from his country roots for some time, but Jinks’ “We Get By” brought back the authenticity that’s been lacking in the new country tunes – with a voice that evokes the long-gone days when country music remained true to its genre.

9. “Lifers”

From: Lifers (2018)

“Lifers” highlighted Jinks’ deep voice as he pays tribute to all those who dream and never get tired of pursuing their passions no matter what incredible odds they’re facing. The song is also about those under tough and tricky professions but is part of American history, such as cowboys.

10. “Cast No Stones”

From: Cast No Stones (2008)

While most country songs used Bible references to highlight the importance of faith, it’s amazing how Jinks takes a more realistic approach in the song as he encourages us to use it to love and not condemn.

The powerful ballad delivers a simple message, and that’s to stay true to yourself in every aspect of your life – even though you might make decisions, you’ll end up regretting.

Here Are Some More Cody Jinks Songs That Are Currently Stuck In Our Head

Indeed, Cody Jinks blessed us with some of the best in country music. Here are some of his songs that you need to check out.

  • “Fast Hand”
  • “Loveletters and Cigarettes
  • “Give All You Can”
  • “I’m Not the Devil”
  • “Somewhere in the Middle”
  • “Ain’t A Train”
  • “No Words”
  • “The Raven And The Dove”
  • “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leaving”
  • “Johnny”
  • “The Plea”
  • “Head Case”
  • “Big Last Name”
  • “Desert Wind”
  • “Holy Water”

These Cody Jinks songs truly show what an artist he is – someone who truly cares about the music, no matter what the mainstream will think of him.


Cody Jinks

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