August 13

Cody Jinks’ “Must Be The Whiskey” Is Not Your Ordinary Drinking Song

In 2018, Cody Jinks’ “Must Be The Whiskey” was released as the first single from his album Lifers, giving listeners certainty that this outlaw is here to stay.

It climbed the charts, reaching No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart

Story Behind The Song 

Written by singer-songwriter Josh Morningstar, “Must Be The Whiskey” is more than just a drinking song – digging much deeper from having a great time to the consequences that overindulgence can have.

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The song tells the story of a man whose relationship takes a turn for the worse, now that substance abuse along with other complicating factors is present. It concludes in an inner argument about whether or not the love two people shared was ever even real to begin with. Althrough the song, Cody Jinks tenderly sings about his wrecked relationship, not only with the love of his life but also with the bottle. 

Josh Morningstar is one of the most respected songwriters by his fellow country singers, and he has long been friends with Cody Jinks. In fact, he wrote “Must Be the Whiskey” with the country superstar in mind.

Inspired by the guitar riff that he kept playing, Morningstar thought that the sound is like one of Cody Jinks songs. He then dove into Jinks’ catalog to get familiar with the kind of songs he did. So, when Jinks asked Morningstar if he had a song for him that he should add to his upcoming album, Morningstar sent Jinks “Must Be the Whiskey.”

Much to Morningstar’s surprise, Jinks responded with a quick recording of the song by phone. But what stunned him the most is that it was the album’s first cut. The songwriter said he couldn’t be more proud knowing that the song has been a success.

You can listen to “Must Be The Whiskey” by Cody Jinks in the video below.


Cody Jinks

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