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Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca: Partners In Love And Music

Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca have been married since 2013, but they have been together for so many years before that. And many fans have been curious about what it was like to have a relationship like theirs, especially how it felt being married to a musician. And the truth was, not every bit of their love story was glamorous, and there was also so much darkness and an unflattering side to it. Despite those conflicts and challenges, their love remained and endured. 

Here is the beautiful and honest piece of the love story of Cody and Rebecca. 

First Chapter: “She’s All Mine”

Cody Jinks is known for his Southern rock and outlaw country styles, switching genres from thrash metal to country rebel. In the early 2010s, Cody already had several indie releases before he broke into mainstream with his self-released 2016 album ‘I’m Not the Devil.’ The album peaked at number four on the Billboard country charts and impressed many country fans.  

One of the songs in the album was “She’s All Mine,” which Cody described as a straight-up, old-school country tune. In Cody’s 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, he said that the song was his first successful attempt at a love song that his wife Rebecca actually liked despite having written her a lot over the years. She has been known to be not only the muse of his songs but also his harshest critic. But Cody later clarified that it was a tongue and cheek statement, and she definitely loved the songs he had written for her. And “She’s All Mine” was a song that talked about how awesome she has been in the almost two decades of them being together. 

Cody and Rebecca have been together for as long as they can remember and tied the knot on October 1, 2013. And she has been his love, number one supporter, and inspiration behind many Cody Jinks songs, especially in the album ‘After The Fire.’ One of his songs there titled “Someone To You,” was a wish to be someone to his wife rather than be someone to the world. 

Who is Cody Jinks’ wife, Rebecca?

Rebecca is a songwriter by profession and is the mother of Jinks’ two kids. She is known to be Jinks’ muse and inspiration in many of his songs as well as his harshest critic. But aside from being partners in love, they are also partners in music. The couple had co-written songs before, including “William and Wanda” and “Never Alone Always Lonely.”

Second Chapter: “Tell ‘Em What It’s Like”

While the couple’s love life could be easily seen as simple yet glamorous, they took to music to write the truth about their love. In Jinks’ highly-anticipated and well-received 2019 album After The Fire was one track that dug neck-deep into what it was really like being married to a country star. 

Written through the perspective of Cody’s wife Rebecca, “Tell ‘Em What It’s Like” was a confession. It told the story that beyond the glamour of the limelight, there was a very dark and lonely side to being married to a musician like Cody. According to Rebecca, it was like so many things in life that one can only understand when they’ve lived through it. But at the same time, the song also talked about living through those moments and choosing to stay and endure with love. 

Josh Morningstar, who co-wrote the song, also expressed that the song was a perfect articulation of the hardships of a relationship, especially when one person is always gone. It was just a beautiful and honest songwriting piece. 

Third Chapter: Meet Cody Jinks’ children

Cody has always been private with his private life, and that extended to his family. He never revealed the names of his kids, just that they have two beautiful children – a daughter and a son – whom he loves very dearly. 

As of now, Cody is busy doing music, and he has two major projects coming this fall. First was ‘None The Wiser,’ a metal album with his band Caned By Nod. And second was his upcoming country album ‘Mercy,’ a 12-song album which will be dropped on November 12. But for a first taste, he will be releasing “All It Cost Me Was Everything” on August 30. So, if you’re a fan, make sure you’re tuned in! 

Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca and the kids may have some time apart now that he’s very busy, and hopefully, they’ll be able to make it up soon!


Cody Jinks, Rebecca Jinks

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