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Cody Jinks

Latest Stories

Cody Jinks Facts

Here Are Some Facts About Cody Jinks, Who Brings Forth Outlaw Country And Southern Rock Tones

We all have witnessed the success Cody Jinks has garnered throughout his lengthy career – and it's been pretty wild! Let's get to know him more with these fun facts.

Cody Jinks' "Hippies and Cowboys"

Cody Jinks’ “Hippies and Cowboys” Shows He’s Not Your Ordinary Country Rebel

Out of all his incredible tracks, Cody Jinks’ “Hippies and Cowboys” takes the cake. It’s about going after a path despite what other people say.

Cody Jinks' "Loud and Heavy"

Cody Jinks’ “Loud and Heavy” Got A Surprising Songwriting Partner

Cody Jinks’ “Loud and Heavy” was actually written with a bit of help from his two-year-old son. In fact, his son “got half the writer’s rights.”

Cody Jinks songs

Cody Jinks Songs That Helped Him Build His Empire Independently

Even though most of Cody Jinks songs were originally released independently, they surely went straight to the heart of country fans. We’ve round up his best hits here.

Cody Jinks' "Must Be The Whiskey"

Cody Jinks’ “Must Be The Whiskey” Is Not Your Ordinary Drinking Song

When Cody Jinks’ “Must Be The Whiskey” was released from his album Lifers, it gave listeners certainty that this outlaw is here to stay.

Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca

Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca: Partners In Love And Music

Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca have been married since 2013, and many fans were curious about what it was like to have a relationship like theirs.

modern traditional country singers

25 New Traditional Country Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

The death of traditional country music could have been overstated, as these 25 modern country singers show that there is still loyalty to a less pop-friendly twang brand.