July 23

Alison Krauss Delivers a Beautiful Performance of “Amazing Grace” in the White House

Country artists are known to be patriotic. They always have a song or two about our veterans and those people who sacrificed their lives for our country. In this performance of Alison Krauss, she remembers all of our fallen heroes as she sang the song “Amazing Grace.”

alison krauss, amazing grace
via Alison Krauss’ official Facebook page

Alison Krauss on Memorial Day

As always, Krauss started her performance with her brilliant skills of playing the violin. The audience waited patiently for her to perform the iconic hymn. The crowd was so quiet and in tune that you may hear a pin drop out there. Her solo performance of the violin was phenomenal and it served as a great build-up for her vocals.

When she reached the chorus of the song, we were immediately hooked. This was not the first time that Alison Krauss has sung the iconic anthem, so one might say that she was already an expert at it. When she started singing, her heavenly voice immediately caught the attention of our ears. The veterans who were there were also shown enjoying and loving every second of her performance. The most captivating part of the performance was the side-by-side image of Krauss singing and the glimpse of the White House. It was definitely a symbol that we Americans will always defend our country.

alison krauss, amazing grace
via Screengrab from YouTube

Country Artists Show their Patriotism

The tradition for a free concert for Memorial Day is always held every year. In fact, a lot of country artists attend these shows and some even perform. The country artists who honor our fallen heroes are more likely to be invited to attend such events.

Trace Adkins is one of those artists who continually shows his patriotism through his songs. His powerful track “Arlington” honors those fallen soldiers who were buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. Scotty McCreery also pays tribute to our veterans with his song “The Dash.” These artists are well-loved by the country music community because of their dedication to their craft.

Listen to Alison Krauss’ performance here:

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Alison Krauss, amazing grace, memorial day

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