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Travis Tritt, Lari White, and Lost Love: “Helping Me Get Over You”

Travis Tritt and Lari White + Helping Me Get Over You

Country singer Travis Tritt and the late Lari White once got fans crying so hard over a song. In 1997, Tritt released his collaboration song with White titled “Helping Me Get Over You” as the fourth single off his The Restless Kind album. White’s same-year album, The Best of Lari White, also included the song

Aside from tears – and heartbreak – it also collected a few successes. It landed a spot in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart and even earned a TNN/MCN Music award nomination. 

Meaning Behind the Song

“Helping Me Get Over You,” written by Travis Tritt and Lari White themselves, delves into the pain and struggles of heartbreak, narrating the journey of two individuals as they grapple with the aftermath of a breakup. But unlike the usual country songs wherein they wallow over the pain alone (while probably drinking), the song’s characters decided to find somebody new to get over each other.  

Tritt opens the song, singing to his ex-lover, White, “You ask who’s laying in my bed / Is it really love we’re making.” He then says that his new girl is the only reason his heart, hanging by a thread, isn’t breaking. But he also acknowledges that despite having someone in his life, he still remembers her. The lyrics express his emotional turmoil and vulnerability, reminiscing the memories of the love they once shared. 

But his new girl’s more than just helping him overcome the heartache. Her presence is helping him get over White. 

White joins him in the chorus, harmonizing their shared pain of what they had gone through and mutual understanding of the struggle to get past the love they lost. Their voices were infused with such raw emotion that captured the anguish and longing that anyone in this situation would feel. After that, there’s acceptance and then resignation. They sing, “That’s a lonely bridge to cross / So I did what I had to do / I had to find somebody new / Who’s helping me get over you.”

The duet format provides added depth to the narrative, emphasizing the connection between the two characters’ emotions and experiences. 

The last verse is White’s counterpart of Tritt’s first verse. She tells him, “I know you never ask his name / But in your heart I know you wonder.” She knows it’s not the same kind of love they had, but just like him, she needs someone to help her get over him. 

Despite their initial devastation, they gradually came to terms with what happened. They also accepted that their next relationship wouldn’t be the same as what they had, but it’s what they need to do to continue with life. 

Catch Travis Tritt and Lari White’s duet “Helping Me Get Over You” in the video below. We also recommend this list of Travis Tritt songs for you to enjoy afterward.