February 14

The Judds Remind Us That “Love Is Alive”

The Judds show us the real meaning of love in their 1985 single “Love is Alive.” The definition of love differs from one person to another. However, it doesn’t mean that love must be coupled with an evil act. Love should always be good, with no envy, no pain, and no sadness. When you look for the meaning of love, you will never find a negative word connected to it. Usually love is an affection, a deep feeling of interest towards something or someone. This is what The Judds are communicating to us.

The Judds Love is Alive Why Not Me
Photo Credit: The Judds/ Official Facebook Page

“Love is Alive”

The Judds fourth number one song in the chart was written by the American country songwriter Kent Robbins. He wrote the song in 1984, and it was also recorded in the same year. The Judds first included the song in their album Why Not Me. The following year, they released it as the third single from their album.

“Love is Alive” reached number one on both the US and Canadian chart. In the US Billboard chart, their single remained for a total of fourteen weeks.

The Song’s Content

The narrator began by first telling us what love is all about. Eventually, she informs us that love is the man she is with at the moment.

And love ain’t just a word
In every dictionary
With no where defined
Love is a man and hes mine

The love she felt for her man is made of pure joy, and goodness. She couldn’t contain the happiness she feels because of him.

And it grows everyday and night
Even in our sleep
Love is alive
And its made a happy woman out of me

If you are lucky enough to find someone who’ll make you feel good like the narrator, then take good care of them. If you haven’t found one, someday you will. However, remember that love is not only about being in a romantic relationship. There can be many different kinds of love in the world.

The Album

The Judds’ first studio album Why Not Me reached number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Furthermore, it scored a spot on the Billboard 200 chart.


The Judds

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