January 6

How Do We Love: The Judds’ “Love Is Alive”

With the slow, sweet, and comforting instrumentals and vocals of country music duo, The Judds, “Love Is Alive” quickly became their fourth #1 hit song. Upon release, the song reached the #1 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and Canada RPM Country Tracks.

About the Song

“Love Is Alive” is one of The Judds’ songs that will leave you swaying with the slow tempo and calming voices. The duo’s soft vocals make it perfect for the track to become the perfect lullaby.

Their calming music explains how the definition of love can vary. 

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Love doesn’t fade away quickly; the longer it burns, the brighter it becomes. For love to show, you need a bit of darkness to see and feel it. Love is not a word that a dictionary can define because, as people would say, love is a verb that is meant to be felt. Love with the right person grows daily with trust, communication, and patience. 

Love may be an overwhelming feeling for some of us, but it is meant to be felt in vague or definitive ways, such as being thoughtful, taking care of your loved ones, or simply being there for your friends whenever they need you. Each of us has different ways of expressing love and affection towards others. Hence the now-famous love language is known. Each of us has our definition of love that we knowingly or unknowingly show other people.

Whether you are a reserved or expressive person, you have that distinct way of telling other people you love them, and that’s also a unique thing about love. It is expressed in many different ways.

“Love Is Alive” by The Judds only enumerates a few ways how love is felt or shown towards others. And listening to it feels comforting; you know you are loved by the people surrounding you.

Listen and be touched by their track right here.


The Judds

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