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Arden Lambert


November 1, 2022


November 1, 2022


November 1, 2022

Country music’s beloved and iconic mother-daughter duo, Naomi and Wynonna, or The Judds, are a staple in the CMA Awards. Regardless if it’s for nominations, awards, or performances during the event itself, The Judds are no strangers to appearing in the CMA Awards. 

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Have you ever wondered how many CMA Awards the iconic duo received throughout their career? Well, to answer that question, The Judds took home a total of nine CMA Awards. Which categories are they? Below is the list of all their nine trophies and when they won each of them:

– 1984 Horizon Award
– 1985 Single of the Year 
– 1985 Vocal Group of the Year
– 1986 Vocal Group of the Year
– 1987 Vocal Group of the Year
– 1988 Vocal Duo of the Year
– 1989 Vocal Duo of the Year
– 1990 Vocal Duo of the Year
– 1991 Vocal Duo of the Year

The Horizon or New Artist of the Year Award – 1984

The Horizon Award, or the New Artist of the Year Award as it is known now, is one of the CMA’s primary awards. It’s to honor artists whose work achieved fame at a national level and will likely continue achieving greatness as they move forward with their careers. 

The Judds took home this award when they stormed the country music scene in 1984. It was the first of their nine CMA awards. 

Single of the Year – 1985

In 1985, the duo won Single of the Year for their single, “Why Not Me.” It’s a song from their first full-length studio album of the same name. The album sold millions of copies in the US and established The Judds as a dominant force in the country music scene.   

Vocal Group of the Year – 1985 to 1987

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The Vocal Group of the Year Award was first presented in 1967 and included duos. However, they made a separate category for duo acts in 1970. 

The Judds won a total of three CMA Awards in this category, and they were consecutive wins from 1985 to 1987. Besides the Dixie Chicks, The Judds are the only all-female group to win the award. 

Vocal Duo of the Year – 1988 to 1991

The Vocal Duo of the Year category got introduced in 1970. It was a spin-off from the Vocal Group of the Year category. The Judds took home four trophies from this category, and once again, they won the awards consecutively. 

The Judds have definitely made an impressive mark in the country music scene, and these CMA awards are proof of it. Though we will never see the duo perform on stage again, they did leave us an impressive legacy that we will forever cherish. 


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