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15 country songs about cowboys

15 Country Songs About Cowboys To Honor the Wild Wild West

It’s amazing how country music poetically describes the life and times of the Wild West. So, strap on your boots and play these absolute best country songs about cowboys on repeat.

15 Country Songs About the great outdoors

15 Country Songs About The Great Outdoors For Your Next Adventure 

There are plenty of country songs about the great outdoors that could accompany you whenever you want to spend a little more time under the sun.

Beyonce and Dixie Chicks' amazing performance of Daddy Lessons

Historical ‘Daddy Lessons’ Performance by Beyoncé & The Chicks

Queen Bey and The Dixie Chicks deliver an amazing performance at the CMA Awards with a glamorous, rendition of "Daddy Issues."

CHECK IT OUT: Top Country Albums Between 1980 and 2020

Country Music has flourished over the years. Let's have a recall of the best-selling and top country albums of the past 4 decades.

Dixie Chicks’ Beautiful Song “Wide Open Spaces”

Dixie Chicks is a band that formed in 1989 in Dallas, Texas, and was originally composed of four women performing bluegrass and country music.

Controversial Songs in Country Music

Country music often talks about love, family, a breakup and so on, but it doesn't often touch on controversial topics.

1990 female country artists

Top 5 Female Country Artists Of The ’90s

Despite the lack of exposure of female country artists in radio airplay, they surely dominated the '90s era.

10 Best Country Cover Songs Ever

Here are the top 10 best cover songs from country artists!

The Dixie Chicks are Back with New Album and 2020 Tour

The Dixie Chicks are back with a new album and tour arenas in 2020!

Taylor Swift + Dixie Chicks’ “Soon You’ll Get Better” is a Whispered Prayer

Taylor Swift's Lover has definitely made waves, and its 12th song "Soon You'll Get Better" has touched more than a few hearts and had some reaching for their tissue boxes.

Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift Collaborate for Epic Song “Soon You’ll Get Better”

Internet sleuths have already speculated that we would get some Dixie Chicks-Taylor Swift content, and the internet went wild with the conspiracy theories. Now, we can finally stop guessing because the collaboration is finally here!

Dixie Chicks Announce New Album after 13 Years

After 13 long years of hiatus, the Grammy-winning band Dixie Chicks have officially confirmed that new music is on the way!

Why do People Hate the Dixie Chicks? Will they ever Return to Country Music?

Hate is a strong word but that is what the Dixie chicks got from stating their political beliefs back in 2003. Why was it a big deal considering that they just stated their opinion on a political matter just like anyone else? 

8 Female Country Singers With ACM Entertainer of the Year Win

In its 53-year-old history, ACM Awards has only eight female artists to ever win the coveted Entertainer of the Year title.

A Classic Hit From Dixie Chicks, “Wide Open Spaces”

This is the breakthrough hit of the amazing group the Dixie Chicks. "Wide Open Spaces" has been one of their best-selling singles.

Check Out the Biggest Controversies in Country Music

Some of this biggest controversies made the society go gaga over them. And, I guess these issues still tickle the minds of their supporters.