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Dixie Chicks Announce New Album after 13 Years

After 13 long years of hiatus, the Grammy-winning band Dixie Chicks have officially confirmed that new music is on the way!

Dixie Chicks, Dixie, Chicks, New Album, Album
via Dixie Chicks; Official Website

The New Dixie Chicks Album

On Tuesday, the 25th of June, the Dixie Chicks posted a very important announcement. On singer Natalie Maines’ Instagram, the trio, together with their producer Jack Antonoff, announced that a new album is coming up.

The video announcement was short and sweet. It featured the baby filter and began with Maines exclaiming “Dixie Chicks!” before turning to bandmates Emily Robison and Martie Maguire with “Album!” and “Coming!” before Antonoff deadpanned, “Someday.”

Around this time last year, Maines also dropped hints on her Instagram that the trio has been spending some time in the studio once again. Fans and followers who have kept a close eye on the band have been treated with behind the scenes of their studio time, photo shoots, and more. However, as to a proper date for the album, there’s no word on that just yet.

Dixie Chicks, Dixie, Chicks, New Album, Album
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Their last album was way back in 2006. Taking the Long Way won the 2006 Grammy Award for Album of the Year and Best Country Album. Interestingly enough, the record was the band’s response to the massive controversy they were facing after they vocalized their disapproval for President George W. Bush’s decisions at that time.

Even though their new music is over a decade old, the gals from the band haven’t slowed down in the slightest. Robison and Maguire teamed up under the band name Court Yard Hounds and made music together. Maines also released a solo album.

Dixie Chicks, Dixie, Chicks, New Album, Album
via GRAMMY.com

They were also the only country band who were brave and bold enough to invite Beyoncé to perform her hit song “Daddy Issues” at the 2016 CMAs.

It is unclear if any other artists will be featured on the album, but there are strong rumors that if there are any, then Taylor Swift might be one of them. The singer showcased a photo of the trio as an easter egg in her recent music video “ME!” and told Entertainment Weekly that the band has been a major inspiration for her.


Dixie Chicks

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