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“Margaritaville:” Jimmy Buffett’s One of A Kind 1977 Classic Hit


If you think that you have heard all types of country music, think again. This Jimmy Buffett-penned song offers another taste of country music that is quite innovative during the time of its release.

You might have heard of the song “Margaritaville” but in case you missed some of the Easter eggs, we got it for you.

Margaritaville jimmy buffett
Photo via Jimmy Buffett’s Official Facebook Page

Feeling the Vibes of “Margaritaville”

It is not often to hear country music and reggae combined into one song. “Margaritaville” is the perfect mix of country and reggae. Apparently, Jimmy wrote the song while sipping his margarita in a Mexican restaurant.

It has that ‘chill vibes’ written all over it. Buffett already has that beach-bum image so we can really see him recording a song that is perfect for chilling in the beach while drinking your favorite margarita.

jimmy buffett, margaritaville
via Jimmy Buffett’s Official Facebook Page

With the success of his song, he capitalized on it and ventured into the world of business. He owned a chain of clubs, a line of beach clothing, and his own Margaritaville custom record label.

When asked about the success of his song, the singer had this to say:

 “I was lucky enough to get my thumb on the pulse beat of what people perceived the tropics to be.”

I guess people gravitate towards something new and different that is why they fell in love with the song. It came to symbolize a carefree Caribbean lifestyle and it is not usually what you expect in a country song.

Lyrics Breakdown

Don’t know the reason
Stayed here all season

When life gets rough, you just want to vent out and go somewhere else. Usually, the beach is the first choice for someone who likes to relax. It is a good escape and the sound of the waves from the shore is very relaxing.

jimmy buffett, margaritaville
via Screengrab from Youtube

That is what I am getting from the music. It kind of gives you that long break that you badly need. It’s almost a carefree song with a good reggae melody. Jimmy Buffett embodied the song through his experience living at the beachside. That is the best thing about music. We get to live through the experience, just by listening to it.

Check out the song here:

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