January 21

Sung With Emotion and Grace: “Why Me Lord” by Loretta Lynn

As a gospel song, “Why Me Lord” was sung by Loretta Lynn in a way that embodied class and country while retaining the solemnity of the single.

“Why Me Lord” was initially recorded and performed by Kris Kristofferson. Kris wrote the song while he was experiencing the lowest point of his life. Kris’s original version took the 1st spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts.

Loretta’s Version

“Why Me Lord” is a special song to many people, and when Loretta Lynn released her version in her 1973 album Love Is the Foundation, she received numerous praise from fans and listeners. 

The track talks about becoming humble in God as we think about our shortcomings in life. The song mentions what we can do to repay Him for His mercy and grace and tell the rest about what we have been through to repent and return to Him.

“Why Me Lord” is among Loretta Lynn’s songs that she sang undeniably with poise and grace. The gospel hymn has already been an ultimate favorite of some. Yet, the moment Loretta lent her soulful voice and emotional singing to the song, her version became the most touching and beautifully sung of all covers.

Fans have praised Loretta’s singing, saying that her voice is “so powerful and beautiful” that they can easily relate to the song. Her voice, accompanied by the backing vocals, showed how a gospel hymn could be delivered powerfully and gracefully.

Listen to Loretta’s passionate singing in her rendition below.


Loretta Lynn

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