December 27

Historical ‘Daddy Lessons’ Performance by Beyoncé & The Chicks

It’s difficult to forget a Beyoncé performance, even if you try. That is exactly what happened at the 2016 Country Music Association Awards. Beyoncé and The Chicks delivered an unexpectedly excellent performance.

They played “Daddy Lessons,” which was well received by many audiences at that time. Daddy lessons is a song written and sung by Queen Bey herself that appears on her chart-topping album “Lemonade”. 

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The song was released in 2016, with elements of country, R&B, and hip-hop on it. That’s maybe the reason why it is such an appealing song to many listeners other than just the country music lovers. 

That said, Beyoncé and The Chicks performed “Daddy Lessons” at the 50th Annual Country Music Association Awards. Although the performance got overwhelmingly good feedback from some spectators, it stirred debate among other country music enthusiasts.

It was reported that some of their reaction was tied to Beyoncé’s liberal-leaning ideals, some to her perceived lack of country cred, and some was simply racist. This statement was written by one Vox journalist named Alex Abad-Santos.

On the other hand, many musicians also complimented the pop star’s participation in the musical lineup, including Chris Stapleton, Kenny Chesney, and Kelsea Ballerini. 

So no one really knows whether the organizers of the 2016 CMA Awards intended to stir up controversy on what should have been a night of celebration of country music and instead made it a little bit political.

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But, regardless of whatever side you’re on, you can’t deny the fact that Beyoncé and The Chicks created some fantastic songs together and performed one of the best performances that night. 

After all, the controversy isn’t what matters in the first place, right? It is the Artists creating great art. So, if you want to view Beyoncé and The Chicks’ actual performance of “Daddy Lessons,” you can check it out by clicking here. 


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