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January 21, 2021


January 21, 2021


January 21, 2021

Hillary Scott’s daughters are the most adorable ones you’ll see today.

The country music singer-songwriter of the music group Lady A has been three times blessed with daughters. Scott and her husband, drummer Chris Tyrrell, welcomed their two youngest – twins Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn – in 2018. Since then, the proud mom has frequently shared some highlights and personal glimpses into the babies’ growth and daily activities through her social media, as well as kept fans abreast of big sister Eisele’s doings.

And we can’t help but gush on how adorable their family who is currently residing in Brentwood, Tennessee. You can tell that they have adjusted well to being a busy family of five and that there’s a lot of love in this beautiful family.

Let’s get to know more about Chris Tyrrell and Hillary Scott’s daughters below.

Meet Hillary Scott’s Little Lady

Hilary Scott and Chris Tyrrell have been caught up in pure baby bliss since welcoming their first child – Eisele Kaye Tyrrell – on July 22, 2013, in Nashville. Eisele is now seven years old and is starting to realize her mother is different than other mothers – something Scott understands all too well being the daughter of singer Linda Davis.

“Eisele, I think, knows,” Scott shared with her record label. “Like one of her teachers at school said ‘Yeah, Eisele had a group of girls singing ‘Thy Will’ the other day, just in the middle class. So I think she knows that we sing, and she has been out on stage with us a handful of times and has had that experience. But I don’t think it’s fully grasped yet.”

“And ironically, I had the same upbringing with both my parents being in music and traveling, and watching my mom and dad on stage, and so I look forward to those moments when she does start to talk about it, and I can be like, ‘Girl, I feel ya. I was there.'”

It looks Like The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

At a very young age, Eisele has developed a love for music. During one appearance of Hillary Scott on HSN (Home Shopping Network) to promote her new clothing line, LaBellum, Eisele absolutely stole the spotlight from her famous mom.

While Scott talked with the show’s host about her new line, Eisele walked out with her dad and into her mother’s arms. Eisele said her hellos and asked for a microphone.

“I get a real microphone,” Eisele, who was three-year-old then, said as her mom set her down to sing. She went on to steal the spotlight by singing Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road, Jack.” At the end of the song, little Eisele even took a bow.

Double The Blessing

When Hillary Scott and husband Chris Tyrrell welcomed their second and third children, the blessing was an extra-special one for more than its double dose. Scott has always wanted more children but wasn’t sure if that would be possible after her miscarriage. So when she found out that she was expecting twins, without having any fertility treatments, she realized her dream was about to come true.

“It was emotional, because I’m like, ‘Oh, we’re going to have as many babies in our house as I hoped we would have,'” Scott recalled. “‘It just isn’t in the same timing that I thought it was going to be, but we are going to have our three.'”

Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn are genetically identical, but they have different features. “It was a literal prayer — ‘Lord, please let me know how to tell them apart,” she added.

Luckily, her husband stepped in to save the day. Scott said, “Chris actually has painted Emory’s nails from the very beginning, so in the middle of the night [we would] know who’s who.”

And Big Sister Eisele Was In Awe

The moment the twins got home, Hillary Scott revealed how Eisele has been singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to her sisters to calm them down whenever they cry.

“It’s been amazing to watch her be so nurturing. She’s always been a really kindhearted, tender-hearted little girl, but they’re her babies, and she’s helping do everything,” Scott said.

The Girls’ Names Got Sweet Family Ties

Hilary Scott once revealed that Emory’s moniker was chosen to honor Tyrrell’s paternal grandmother Emily Lou, whom his grandfather called Em. While Emory’s middle name, JoAnn, is the name of Scott’s maternal great aunt.

“I love family names, but Emily Lou just didn’t feel right,” Scott said. “So we picked Emory because of Em but also because it means strong and brave.”

“And then Betsy is Chris’ great aunt,” the proud mom revealed. “So my aunt JoAnn and aunt Betsy hold the same exact positions on both sides of our family. And she’s like 90-something — just the spriest, spunky [woman].”

On the other hand, Eisele Kaye was named in honor of Tyrrell’s mother’s maiden name and Scott’s mother’s middle name, respectively.

Currently, Chris Tyrell is taking a break from acting as Lady A’s drummer to be their children’s primary caregiver. “I’ve been a bandmate, employee, husband, and dad, so I’m okay removing a hat.” Tyrell jokingly said. “Besides, when you looked at whether the band could do without me or her, there wasn’t much question!”

It sounds like Scott and Tyrell have found a perfect balance on each other!


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