December 9

Joey Feek’s Happy and Lively Aura During Her Performance of “I’m a Christian Woman”

Country music singer-songwriters Rory Lee and Joey Feek are the Joey + Rory duo that won third place in the Can You Duet competition in 2008. Since winning the CMT contest, the team has released seven studio albums, with Hymns That Are Important to Us winning the Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album in 2017. 

The duo proved their passion and love for country music and each other when Joey Feek sang “I’m a Christian Woman” while Rory played the guitar and lovingly watched her nail it.

The Live Performance

Singing live with her husband and partner Rory Lee Feek on the acoustic guitar, the short song “I’m a Christian Woman” was sung by Joey Feek in one of their performances. 

The song’s melody is somehow adapted from Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5,” which is fast-paced. The adaptation gave away the fact that Joey Feek is a big fan of Dolly Parton. Joey’s vocals stood out because of the acoustic guitar as the only accompaniment throughout the song. 

Both singers and the audience can be seen and heard enjoying the song. At one point, Joey glanced at her husband for help when she forgot the song’s lyrics. The audience was amused at the sight, but Joey carried on performing. 

Joey ended “I’m a Christian Woman” with an Amen as a response to paying tribute to all Christian women like her. 

Joey Feek’s lively aura while performing “I’m a Christian Woman” leaves a lasting impact on her passion for singing gospel songs despite her passing in 2016. She died of recurring cervical cancer that spread to her colon.

“I’m a Christian Woman” is a tribute sung for Christian women, especially Joey Feek. It is one of the many Joey + Rory songs that is easily remembered by the fans.

Watch Joey and Rory’s “I’m a Christian Woman” performance here.


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