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The Best Joey + Rory Songs From The Sweetest Singing Duos in Country Music History

Joey + Rory Feek, the country music duo that features husband-and-wife Rory Lee Feek and Joey Martin Feek, were the married couple that everyone had their eyes on since they made their debut in 2008. While the two only placed third on CMT’s Can You Duet? Joey + Rory songs were bound to capture the hearts of many country fans.

Soon enough, they proved to be a powerful duo. Keep on scrolling below to find out some of their greatest hits.

1. When I’m Gone

From: His and Hers (2012)

The poignant tune, “When I’m Gone” – which tells the story of a dying wife who’s trying to reassure her loved ones that they’ll be alright after she’s gone – has touched the hearts of millions. It’s a scenario that became uncannily realistic as the couple battled with Joey’s diagnosis of terminal cancer two years later. 

The heartbreaking ballad was coming true before their eyes. But despite its irony, the couple finds the song very special, “filled with hope and love.” 

“And in time, I believe it will have the power to help heal a million broken hearts,” Rory said.

2. If I Needed You

From: Made to Last (2013)

While this iconic tune has since been covered by many notable artists since it was recorded by its songwriter, Townes Van Zandt, in 1972, it has never sounded so intimate and full of promise like Joey + Rory did. 

The couple’s version even earned a nomination at the 2016 Grammy Awards for the category of  Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

3. That’s Important To Me

From: Album Number Two (2010)

Joey + Rory co-wrote the song with Tim Johnson and Joe Motola in 2003 – when they were just newly married and just getting to know each other’s things that were important to them.

“It’s a cornerstone of who we are, not only as a married couple but of our music and why it represents us,” Joey described the song, where they celebrated life’s little moments in the lyrics and sang how much joy they find in little things.

4. Cheater, Cheater

From: The Life of a Song (2008)

Released as Joey + Rory’s debut single, the sassy track finds Joey calling out her partner for being unfaithful. The lyrics are definitely filled with choice words for the cheating man and his mistress. The song has since been a fan favorite, as it strikes a chord with many country fans who went through the same infidelity.

Since its release, countless fans have come to the duo to tell them a personal cheating story.

5. Long Line of Love

From: Inspired: Songs of Faith & Family (2013)

Even though the song was never released as a single, it is still revered and cherished for its heartwarming feeling. With Rory singing the lead and Joey on the harmony, the duo croons about falling in love – and it felt so real! After all, the world has witnessed how much Joey and Rory truly cared about each other.

6. This Song’s for You

From: Album Number Two (2010)

Joey + Rory joined forces with Zac Brown band in this song that highlights the fans being the real stars and the very reason artists record music. The duo co-wrote the song with Brown when they were out on tour together – and they wrote it specifically for their fans, to tell them how they feel about them and to thank them for the unending support they give in every performance. 

7. To Say Goodbye

From: The Life of a Song (2008)

Joey + Rory wrote this poignant ballad with Jamie Teachenor, and it tells the story of two people who didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. In the first verse, there’s this woman whose husband died during the September 11 attacks. Meanwhile, the second verse tells an old man’s narrative, whose wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s and can no longer remember who he was at all.

8. God Help My Man

From: Album Number Two (2010)

While it’s ironic for a happily married couple to sing about cheating, Joey + Rory felt like they had at least to record one more – something that embraces the strong-woman side of Joey. 

The song tells the story of a wife who thinks her husband is fooling around while she’s rocking their babies and washing his clothes. But he better watch out, as this fierce woman has better things in mind. The duo also revealed that every time they play this one out live, women just go crazy.

9. My Ol’ Man

From: Album Number Two (2010)

Rory stepped up to the microphone to join Joey on the lead vocals in this heartwarming ballad, which he co-wrote with Luke Bryan for every father out there – most especially his ol’ man, whom he considers his hero. Rory said that his father has always shown him what it is to be a good man and a real father.

10. The Horse Nobody Could Ride

From: Album Number Two (2010)

Rory revealed that he wrote this song for Joey, who loved horses. “She’s a lot like the wild mustang in this story. You can’t ‘make’ her do something or ‘force’ her to go your way,” he said. But the moment you earn her respect, she is willing to do anything in the world for you.

Some More Joey + Rory Songs One Of Country Music’s Most Inspirational Couples

Here are some more songs by the sweet couple – a collaboration that showed their love for one another is too deep to comprehend.

  • Tonight Cowboy You’re Mine
  • The Life of a Song
  • Heart of the Wood
  • Album Number Two
  • All You Need Is Me
  • Farm to Fame
  • Born to Be Your Woman
  • It’ll Get You Where You’re Goin’
  • You Ain’t Right
  • Baby I’ll Come Back to You
  • Tune of a Twenty Dollar Bill
  • Loved the Hell
  • Heart of the Wood
  • Turning to the Light
  • Sweet Emmylou

Truly, Joey + Rory songs and the couple’s unshakable faith, even in the midst of unimaginable grief, will be cherished forever.


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