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How Granger Smith’s Wife, Amber Lifted Her Family’s Spirits After Last Year’s Mishap


Who could best describe Granger Smith’s wife, Amber Emily Smith than her husband? Despite their grief over the heartbreaking death of their son River in June last year, country singer Granger Smith did not neglect to affirm his wife on her birthday in November. He proudly posted a photo of Amber on Facebook celebrating his wife’s best qualities.

source: Granger Smith ( FB, official)

She’s been through so much these past 5 months. More than even I know, but the light she shines is undeniable, unmistakable and unwavering. 

– Granger Smith on his wife, Amber

Further proving Amber’s role as a light in their family, Granger shared one of Amber’s posts on his Facebook timeline as he deemed her caption too beautiful to not share.

” Life is fragile and precious. Take the photos, but also be in the moment. Eat the cake, but also take care of your health. Dare mighty things, turn the music up and dance, say I love you. Pray about everything and try to worry about nothing. Think before you speak or type. Lift people up. This world will knock you down a time or 2 (or 10). Get back up. Keep fighting the good fight. Be happy for others, even when things may be hard for you. Try making God the first person you talk to before you start your day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Love fiercely and choose joy anytime you can.”
Romans 12:12 ❤️🦋”

source: Granger Smith (FB, official)

Amber Bartlett Smith

Amber graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2005. She finished a degree in Broadcast Communication/News and a minor in Sociology.

Amber would, later on, pursue a career in acting beginning with the movie titled “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.” Amber’s acting career has bloomed throughout the years. She was featured in movies like Darkness (2011), Monsterwolf (2010) and Hot Air (2016).

Amber Smith, proud Granger Smith’s wife and mother of three.

source: Amber Bartlett Smith ( FB, official)

How They Met

Amber and Granger’s love story began when the two met in a music video shoot that Granger was doing. This would eventually lead to their marriage in 2010.

It wasn’t that romantic when Granger and Amber first met. Granger described the first time he met Amber as “creepy.” But it was Granger who first sent a message on Facebook to Amber.

Granger needed a girl for the video shoot of his single “Don’t Listen to the Radio.” He has initially posted an ad that says “Country Singer looking for a female girlfriend for music video role.” Granger and his team conducted an audition in a hotel where the girls interested in the role came in. Amber was not one of the girls who responded to the original post of Granger.  

Later that evening, while scrolling down Facebook, he saw Amber Bartlett among his friend’s suggestion list. Granger sent Amber a message right away and she said yes. Everything that followed was history.

They decided to get married on February 11, 2010, and presently reside in their home state in Texas.

source: Granger Smith (Fb, official)

Bidding Goodbye

Granger and Amber Smith are parents to three bubbly children: London, Lincoln, and River. In June 2019, River, who was just 3 years old, died from a very unfortunate incident.

It happened on one of those lovely evenings when Granger and Amber play with their children. Granger was watching London do gymnastics in their yard while the two boys were playing water gunfight. Knowing how fast children grow, Granger wanted to enjoy and cherish every moment he had with his kids.

That beautiful thought instantly vanished when a few minutes later, he saw himself and Amber doing a CPR to their son at their pool gate. Even the doctor’s effort wasn’t able to save River, so the Smith family had to bid their farewell to their little angel. They decided to donate River’s organs to other children. Thanks to River Smith, they’re given another hope and chance to live.

The Smith Family
Source: Granger Smith ( FB, official)

Granger and Amber released a video weeks after River’s death expressing their thoughts about the tragedy. The couple believes that just as God sent River to their family to be a blessing, He also has the right to take him back. Though disheartened, Granger acknowledges that there is nothing to regret from what happened. He said that he wouldn’t be entertaining thoughts in his mind of River graduating in college and playing football. He believes that God gave him 3 years and after that, took him back home.

Granger also added that through their loss, his family became stronger. He said that as they move forward, they would continue to find and understand the purpose of River’s death and not the reason.

Before ending the video, Granger assured peers in the music industry and fans that River’s memories live in their hearts so they need not feel sorry for their loss. They were more than content with the fact that for three years, they were blessed to parent and enjoy one incredible boy.

At the end of their official statement regarding River’s death, Granger added this line,

“Love those close to you, soak up those moments, live for today, live in the present because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.”

The Smith family would eventually set-up a River Smith T-Shirt Tribute. All proceeds from it would go to the Dell Children’s Medicals Center.

” I would like to think that when my days on earth are over and my work here is done, this is an accurate picture of my first moment in heaven. ❤️ “

source: Granger Smith ( FB, official)