August 5

“The Sound of Silence” has Its Country Version

The sound of silence is a folk-rock song sang by the duo, Simon and Garfunkel. The first release of the album led to commercial failure. However, the song began to attract airplay the following year but what do you think of having it in a polka country rendition?

The Telltale of Sound of Silence

Sound of silence
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In the post-modern world that we live in today, the sound of silence is a great representation of what we are today. The indifference and our inability to talk to each other is totally reflected in the song. Thus, looking deeper into the lyrics, it talks about our alienation from each other that leads to loneliness. Imagine the usual interactive family dinner time that shifts into stoic parents and children surfing the internet. The people who get together but instead of communicating, they use phones to entertain themselves. Here, the song cautions us to have a more heartfelt connection with the people around us.

Lyrics Interpretation

sound of silence
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talking without speaking and hearing without listening”

Communication is the key to a meaningful connection. As a reflection, we should start dropping our phones during intimates times with family, relatives, and friends. We started to lose man-to-man interactions with the aim to connect with the world. Thus, making us feel lonely even if we are not alone.

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you take my arms that I might reach you”

The song cautions us that our lack of communication is like an illness that will eat us inside out. It will spread not only in one person but with the whole world. The song lets us listen to guide us in building bridges and reaching out to people.

The Polka Country Rendition

Country song listeners love the storytelling and deep messages from this genre. The Sound of Silence as a country song was performed by Disturbed. How’d you like the rendition of this deep song in Country? Tell us about it by sending us a message.

Watch the performance here:

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