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Crystal Gayle’s “He Is Beautiful To Me” Is The Perfect Song If You’re Lost For Words To Thank God 

In 1982, “He Is Beautiful To Me” appeared on Crystal Gayle’s album True Love – which ranked No. 14 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart and was her first studio album after moving from Columbia to Elektra Records. Three of Crystal Gayle songs from the record also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. These are “‘Til I Gain Control Again,” “Our Love is on the Faultline,” and “Baby What About You.”

While “He Is Beautiful To Me” failed to go mainstream and become a hit, it’s one of the greatest songs in her vast catalog. It delivered a powerful message that had an unimaginable effect on the human heart.

The Power Of Gratitude In This Song Is So Strong

Written by Bobby Wood and Clive Westlake, “He Is Beautiful To Me” finds Crystal Gayle singing praises to the Lord for being the “key to the door of joy never-ending” and the light and way that help her go on at every moment.

Indeed, it’s a good and powerful reminder of how beautiful it is for the Lord to give us so much love without thinking of what he gets from us. This makes Gayle commit herself to love the Almighty until she dies – and she sings it in a top-notch vocal performance. 

“Now I was lost, but I have found. True heaven through His love and comfort knowing He is beautiful to me,” she sings with her supple voice that fascinates listeners.

Make sure to listen to “He Is Beautiful To Me” by Crystal Gayle in the video below. It is truly the perfect tune in case you find yourself lost for words and looking for ways to thank God for the blessings.


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