August 4

Ashley Gorley: The Songwriter with 50 # 1 Songs

Famous artists usually present songs originally written by songwriters and composers, but with their prowess in engaging the crowd and gathering applause. But the greater heroes behind the stage are still the ones who developed the piece’s story, creating something out of nothing, and enabling it to make a powerful impact in the hearts of the people who’ll listen.

The Hero Under the Cape

He might not be a household name, but Ashley Gorley is one of those superheroes that had his fair share of writing some songs. And just recently, he was able to achieve a milestone that no other young songwriter has reached before. He became the first songwriter who had 50 ranked 1 song on Billboard Airplay Charts in his 15 years of songwriting.

Although Gorley was generally well versed in all music genres, he has been coordinating with several country music artists such as Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Brett Eldredge, etc. That makes him one of the people that has given us varying emotions through his compositions. 

Ashley Gorley on Press

Ashley Gorley shared that he had a special love for song compositions. He gets exhilarated with the challenges it present; the process and uniqueness that each piece brings. He said that he was thankful for attaining such an achievement, and for the friends he made in the making. He became friends with several artists and co-writers he worked with as they motivate him to work well and push harder.

He was also thankful for the first proponents who helped him in his career especially when he was beginning, his mentors as he progresses, and the early believers who non-stop cheered him on. He also thanked the company he works in, Radio Tape, and his colleagues who shared those same beliefs, friendships, and mentorships. Lastly, he didn’t forget today thank all the music streaming industries who also played a big part in achievement by playing his songs on everybody’s homes.

Some of Ashley Gorley’s famous hits are Carrie Underwood’s “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night,” Cole Swindell’s “You Should Be Here,” Thomas Rhett’s “T-Shirt,” Blake Shelton’s “A Guy With a Girl”.

Because his name wasn’t shown besides most of the songs he’s written, it may be hard to think that he’s the one who penned them all. Ashley Gorley was able to adjust the mood of his music to fit its artist and that’s already a superpower only a few can possess. Had it not been because of his insightful depth as a composer, we would be looking differently to our artists who we’ve come to love for their songs.


Ashley Gorley

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