February 17

The Meaning Behind Luke Bryan’s Hit Song “One Margarita”

You would never go wrong with a party song, and “One Margarita” by Luke Bryan is definitely something you should check out. The song was written by Michael Carter, Josh Thompson, and Matt Dragstrem.

Its funky and upbeat melody made it easy for listeners to fall in love with it. That said, it contributed to the song’s success, making it hit the charts peaking at no. 1 on the Canada Country (Billboard) and US Country Airplay (Billboard). Luke Bryan has a total of 27 number-one hits, and “One Margarita” is definitely one of them. 

In the song’s music video, Bryan can be seen having fun on a beach in Mexico at his Crash My Playa performance in January 2020. And it’s a fantastic illustration of a carefree, youthful party life. Michael Monaco was the director of the song’s music video, and it’s definitely one of the most enjoyably fresh music videos to watch. 

Moreover, a fascinating tidbit about the music video is that Luke Bryan’s mother appeared in it. Like him, Luke Bryan’s mother, LeClaire, is a born performer. Although Luke Bryan admits that persuading his mother was a struggle, she eventually gave in and was able to add a little charm to the music video.

Meaning Behind the Song 

There are many songs out there that are layered with meaning. However, One Margarita by Luke Bryan is one of several songs with a clear message that one can get immediately. 

The song is about relaxing and enjoying a drink of your favorite margarita, a glass or two, and maybe even three. “One Margarita” is about having fun and taking advantage of anything the summer offers. 

It’s undoubtedly among the top country party songs to listen to while relaxing on the beach. Anyone can groove to the song’s beat any time of the day they want.

So if you want to check out ‘One Margarita’ by Luke Bryan, you can check out the fantastic music video below. 


Luke Bryan

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