July 30

Rimes Shares 14-year old Commercial with McEntire


In a social media post, LeAnn Rimes reminisced a Dr. Pepper commercial she did with Reba Mcentire in 2004. In the caption that accompanied the video, Rimes wrote,

 Hanging in the desert with Reba McEntire.

Rimes Shares 14-year old Commercial with McEntire 1

Dr. Pepper “Be You”

McEntire and Rimes’ commercial fostered a great vibe. That was boosted by the duet they sang throughout the period of the commercial, which was titled “Be You.”

Certain to Rimes’ post, the campaign commercial was filmed in the desert. It opens with Rimes driving down an empty road in a sports car. She meets McEntire in a motel waiting for her with a can of Dr. Pepper to delight in after a long road. Reba joins LeAnn singing as they take off to their next stop. It was a gas station where they gulped more Dr. Pepper. Leaving the station, McEntire and Rimes throws a can of Dr. Pepper to the eye-catching assistant who aided them to fill in their gas. The commercial finishes with more music of them driving in to the sunset and finding more adventures. The 1-minute video commercial portrays the LeAnn paying tribute to Reba. In the jingle, LeAnn sings this part pertaining to Reba,

“She’s a broadway of famous song

With a country sound that change the world.”

Campaigning for Both a Drink and County Music

Country stars rarely approves taking part in a commercial to sing on behalf of a product. Some artists, who in the past advertised were Blake Shelton for Pizza Hut, Willie Nelson for Taco Bell and Reba McEntire for Fritos Texas Grill and The Beef Industry. McEntire’s team up with Rimes to promote one of the world’s most popular soft drinks, Dr. Pepper is perhaps one of the best.

The song clearly talks about Dr. Pepper. However, it seemed less like a promoting jingle and more like a total country duet. McEntire and Rimes perfected the jingle, since they both have solid voices and influential dispositions. Making the perfect duo, we can say their commercial is one of the best ads we’ve ever seen presenting country music singers.

Do you recall this commercial? Watch the video below and feel the vibe once again with the two country stars!



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