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Exclusive: Christina Taylor and Her Single “As Good As You Look”

Christina Taylor is not your ordinary girl. Her charisma in delivering a wonderful song made her stand out among young country artists. She made herself a rising star that we have to watch out for.

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Exclusive interview with Christina Taylor. Photo via teenplicity.com/

Her latest single “As Good As You Look” is a marriage between traditional and modern country music, and the result is a distinctive vocal’s worth playing on repeat. Her recent song is a collaboration with Canadian country singer Brett Kissel, and you know what that means right?

Interview with Christina Taylor

Since their collaboration was such great work, we can’t get enough of it. Therefore, we at Country Thang Daily decided to get to know Taylor’s latest new work.

Country Thang Daily: How does it feel teaming up with award-winning artist Brett Kissel?

Christina Taylor: Brett is amazing to work with and so so talented! His voice brought so much to the song and made it better than I could ever dream!

CTD: What was the inspiration behind the song “As Good As You Look”

CT: “As Good As You Look” is a song I think everyone can relate to. It’s about seeing someone across the room who is very obviously attractive, and wondering if they’re as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside.

CTD: What inspired you to pursue country music?

CT: I always knew I wanted to be a singer/performer but what drew me to country music, in particular, was the storytelling aspect of it. I loved that you could get deep and tell a full complete story of something you’ve been through, hoping to relate to someone and help somebody who is going through the same thing.

CTD: Are we expecting a new album coming out soon?

CT:  I am currently writing and figuring out what songs I am going to cut next. I’m not sure if I will be releasing a full album or not but definitely expect some new music from me in 2020!

CTD: If so, are you going to team up with other great country singers and songwriters?

CT:  I do a lot of co-writing here in Nashville so I will definitely be teaming up with some great country songwriters for this new music, and hopefully, I’ll be able to team up with another great country singer on a song like I got to do with Brett!

CTD: With whom is your dream collaboration?

CT:  I would love to collaborate with either Eric Church or P!nk. I’ve looked up to them for a very long time, they are so real and raw and I strive to be that way in my music every day because of them.

CTD: What do you want people to take from your single “As Good As You Look”?

CT:  I want people to have fun with this song! This song wasn’t meant to be something you have to think deeply about or a hidden message. I love this song because it’s one that makes me feel carefree. I and my friends actually listen to this in the car on full volume with the windows down. It’s so fun, and I want others to be able to experience that!

What a great time we had getting to know something about Taylor’s music.

Here is her new single with Kissel.


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