February 8

Trusting Our Fates to Jesus in Alan Jackson’s “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” 

The Multi-awarded country singer Alan Jackson has been the talk of the town for years because of his beautiful gospel songs. One of Alan Jackson’s hit songs, “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go,” is a good example. It’s a simple yet elegant song that reminds us why it’s important to trust Jesus. 

Hymn writers Baylus Benjamin McKinney and Alan Jackson wrote the song. It all started when McKinney asked Jackson about his plans after learning that his health prevented him from returning to South America. 

Jackson’s declaration, “I don’t know, but wherever He leads, I’ll follow,” sparked McKinney’s creativity and led to the start of the song’s writing. After a brief conversation, the two expressed their creative ideas, eventually producing the lyrics of one of the best Alan Jackson songs.

Meaning Behind the Song 

As humans, we tend to plan our lives overly—everything from what we’ll have for breakfast to what we’ll wear for the day. However, things don’t always go according to our plans. That is something that anyone can experience at any point in their life. Ultimately, a person cannot control their life entirely. 

While we can plan many things in our lives, some things are out of our control. During those times, we can only acknowledge that God is in charge of everything.

This hit gospel song encourages us to put our faith in God during those tough times. Since God ultimately knows what is best for us, we can let Him lead us. So let’s not become disheartened when things don’t turn out the way we want them to. Let’s be thankful instead because something greater and better is on the horizon. Trusting God’s will is all that matters in the end.

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While this song is not one of Alan Jackson’s US Billboard Charts climbing songs, it’s still one worth listening to. So if you want to check out the eye-opening song “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go,” you can check it out below. 


Alan Jackson

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