September 27

Scotty McCreery Performs his New Song at the Opry

Scotty McCreery is back at the prestigious stage of Grand Ole Opry. This time, he would be performing his new song “In Between,” wherein he details his life as an artist and as a normal citizen. The singer has had a couple of performances at the Opry now, so he is quite comfortable at the stage already.

As always, he does not fail to impress the audience of the Opry with his baritone voice and amazing story-telling in his song.

scotty mccreery, in between
via YouTube

Jamming with Scotty McCreery’s New Music

It has been a while since we are treated with a new Scotty McCreery song. But folks, it is worth the wait. The official music video for the song was released just a few days ago at Scotty’s official YouTube page. The video sheds light on what is happening during and in between Scotty’s tour life and hometown life.

The song wants to acknowledge the life that McCreery is having and its successful aspect. A lot of people are acknowledging his humble way of living. This is further shown in the split-screen that the video offers. It is almost as if seeing the two lives that Scotty McCreery has.

scotty mccreery, in between opry
via YouTube

Lyrics Breakdown

I’m in between Friday night wild
And quiet Sunday morning

This line right here perfectly depicts the glamorous lives that Hollywood stars live. It is in contrast to how a simple man/ woman lives in his/her hometown. Scotty is always in between these two worlds. He did not grow into the lifestyle of Hollywood, so he would sometimes go to his hometown and live a simple life. But, in order for him to do that, he also has to work and deal with all the press and tours.

Hollywood stars have conflicts with staying in and out of the spotlight. This is what the song wants to advocate and the country singer hopes he can achieve that in his song.

Watch Scotty McCreery sings his new song at the Opry here:


Scotty McCreery

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