May 22

Reba McEntire Celebrates Her 8th Anniversary Hall of Fame Induction

Reba McEntire’s Greatest Achievement

Reba Inducted Country Music Hall of Fame
Photo Credit: Reba McEntire/ by Screengrab

Reba McEntire’s greatest dream was to be able to enter into the Country Music Hall of Fame. So, she strove hard to reach that dream. As a result, she became one in May 2011.

In 1961, CMA created the Country Music Hall of Fame for them to recognize those artists with numerous outstanding recordings. Being an inductee on the Country Music Hall of Fame is the biggest platform for an artist to be known by Country fans.

Reba McEntire: Our Dearest Queen

reba mcentire
via Reba McEntire’s official Facebook account

McEntire recorded numerous singles that ranked number one. Her singles sold more than a million all over the world. Her success in the music industry represents her true life story.

She grew up with a family that loves music. His father and mother have influenced her to enter into the music world. Reba, together with her two siblings, started performing as a group named Singing McEntires. She experienced singing the national anthem in their school activity.

Her talent in singing was discovered by Red Steagall. She signed her first contract with Mercury Records. In 1976, she released her first single. She introduced herself in a way she delivered her song in a unique performance.

In 1977, she released her album with Mercury Records. The album didn’t do well. However, she dropped her contract with Mercury Records and continued her career with MCA Records. Her first album with MCA records became a hit wherein she won as a CMA Vocalist of the Year.

In 1978, she had an outstanding concert held in New York. Tickets were all sold out.

Her major success left a footprint in country music. According to Reba, her secret to success is having a healthy lifestyle. We all know that our health plays an important role in our daily lives, so stay healthy.

We know how much you adore our Country Music legend. So, feel free to follow her official website and Facebook account to get more updates.


Reba McEntire

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